Saurons Armor Chest by CultBraiN
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Added: 29/10/2006 - 12:18AM
Updated: 07/01/2008 - 11:58PM

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Last updated at 23:58, 7 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 0:18, 29 Oct 2006

update 06/10/30
version 1.02
Fix Sauron's gauntlets for female characters
(Now the gauntlets of female chara are visible)

update 06/10/29
version 1.01
Sauron's Cuirass doesn't disable Quiver.
Fix the transparency of The One Ring Icon.

Sauron's Armor Chest

by CultBraiN

--- DISCLAIMER: LORD OF THE RINGS and "Sauron" are ©JRR Tolkien Estate. In no way, shape, or form do I intend to use this mod or its contents to gain a profit from JRR Tolkien copyrighted material.

If you wish to use any part of this mod for any other purpose, please CONTACT me first to gain permission.

--- Mod description:
Add Sauron's Armor Set to "Fieldhouse Cave".
Confirm "sauron_location.jpg" please.

included items

Sauron's Helmet
Sauron's Cuirass (It has no cape)
Sauron's Cuirass with Cape
Sauron's Greaves
Sauron's Gauntlets
Sauron's Boots
Sauron's Mace (with knockback effect)
The One Ring (resistance enchanted)

I analyzed and quoted scripts of "PJs Spells MOD" for knockback effect.
If it is a problem, I'll remove knockback effect.

--- Installation:

1. Extract to your Oblivion/Data folder.

2. From the Oblivion Launcher, select Data Files and
check the box next to:

--- Contact Information:

If you experience any problems with this mod,
you may contact me via email at [email protected]

--- Credits

3ds max
Nif Skope
Nif pugins
PJs Spells MOD