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This plugin adds a buyable Castle near by the "Orange Road" north-east of Chorrol (have a look at "Castle-Domrose_Location.jpg" for the exact location) which can be bought by the player.

Castle Domrose belonges to a noble family who wants to sell it.
They ordered the administrator of the castle, Malipus, to sell it for 100000 gold.
If you wish to buy it, you must know that you will also have to take over the "life-long-lasting" contracts of the servants of that castle.
There are currently seven of them living in the castle:
-Malipius, the administrator (you have to talk to him if you wish to buy the castle)
-Ragnor, the smith (offering his services from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm down in the basement)
-Lakrom, the alchemist (offering her services from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm inside the Main-Keep-Tower)
-Ogra-Bulak, a warrior responsible for guard duties and protection of the castle
-Holormy, a hired hunter (food-supply and guard duties)
-Chanrora, commoner responsible for all the household-work
-Sonja, a knight leading the guards

What else to know?

Castle Domrose is fully furnished and includes a living-area for your servants (Main-Tower), sleeping rooms for the castle owner and his guests (Main-Keep and Main-Keep-Tower), a kitchen with storage area and an alchemy-lab inside the Main-Keep-Tower. Down in the basement can be found a treasury, a smithing-area and the access to the crypt with a secret escape way.
If you cannot afford the castle at once you may use the "South-West-Tower" as a home as long as you have spared enough gold to buy the castle.
All your storage should be save inside the walls of Castle Domrose (no respawning containers)
The Main-Tower is used as a home for your servants (each servant has his own sleeping place)
B.t.w., don´t loose your key after having bought the castle, there won´t be any spare key!