The Mysteries of the Dulan Cult by Juib Thealas
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Added: 27/10/2006 - 01:07AM
Updated: 08/01/2008 - 12:10AM

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Hey Im back.
Five hundred years ago a Dremora by the name of Shcreck A'b Dulan was banished from the plane of Oblivion for his love of science. now an underground cult plans to rule all of Cyrodiil if you cant stop them.

Its a rather desent mod if I do say so myself. so yah I've been gone awhile from the modding world, and now Im back with a makeover for my old mod, "the pyramid of Knowledge."

If you have that mod delete it this is a far superior version. Sorry it toke so long to make.

So basically if you played my first mod it works like this, you go to the imperial city market district and the on the pedastole next to the statue is a copy of the black horse courier. It tells you of some strange happenings near anvil. So you decied to check it out.

Even though this is a quest mod there will be no journal updates, its more of a puzzle quest. hope you have fun.

And please leave any suggestions, or bugs, i will be updating sooner than you think

Hey, looks like I've been out of the source for a while, feels good to be back. So I saw that I got a nine out of 10 for my mod, thank you all. And the update is on the way, the manor has been expanded and I've cleaned up a few things.

there are just a few things I would like to add, so if any one would like to help me leave me a post and I'll tell you what I would like to do. Hope to see you soon.

Ok, sorry it toke so long. this is a big fix for my mod. I noticed things not showing up, people mot able to finish the quest. So i fixed it then added some extra scenery. If there are any problems with this one tell me, and hopefully ill reply, Busy ya know.