Castle Veyond Dunkerlore relocated by Centurion
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Added: 25/10/2006 - 06:58PM
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Castle Veyond is a relocated version of Castle Dunkerlore which I created due the wishes of some players who want to use the Castle out of "Castle Dunkerlore" in common with "The Vile Lair" or/and "Kumiko Manor" ("Castle Dunkerlore" is not compatible with "The Vile Lair" or "Kumiko Manor").
The castle can now be found on the west side of the Niben Bay (just a few steps north of Bravil) and can be bought (for the exact location have a look at the included picture "Castle_Veyond-location.jpg").
To buy the castle talk to Marla Boncrad (the lady in red, she can be found somewhere in Castle Veyond).
This version is only a "light" version out of the genuine plugin "Castle Dunkerlore" and doesn´t contain it´s additional stuff (no new island, no quests, no fort, no mine but just a buyable version of the castle itself).
Although "Castle Veyond" is full compatible with the genuine version "Castle Dunkerlore" I wouldn´t recommend to use them both at the same time (no technical problems but both plugins will show the very same castle with the same NPCs).