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Weapons Of The Fallen Heroes: v1.3 ----------------------------------- New adventures, quests, treasures and monsters, all in one and more to come! Team: Nath, Conan the Destroyer, Painkiller_Rider What it does: ------------------ Adds 8 new unique weapons, 1 shield and 2 quests to the game, all based on Tolkien lore.

Permissions and credits
Weapons Of The Fallen Heroes: v1.3
New adventures, quests, treasures and monsters, all in one and more to come!
by: Painkiller_Rider and Adonnay.

What is the mod doing:
Adds 8 new unique weapons and 1 shield to the game, all based on Tolkien lore
Adds 2 quests

What is the Update 1.3 doing:
1. New meshes and textures for Sword of Gondor, Orcrist and Glamdring (partially) - all by Adonnay.
2. The Uruk Scimitar has now new collissions.
3. The script for Orcrist has been optimized.
4. Added conditon: min lvl 10 to start the first quest. Although the boat and body are enabled for any level, there will be no quest compass target, so low level chars will have to find the boat by themselves.
5. Now the second quest (the one with the Ogres) is triggered by the end of the first one. However, if one runs by accident into the Ogres, the quest will kick in upon "discovery" (of either the Ogres or the Cave).
6. The boat and body are now disabled at the end of second quest.
7. I added a collission box under the boat, so things won't fall anymore through the boat's floor.
8. Re-tuned the monsters for shorter, but tougher fights.
9. Shield of Gondor has now high-res texture, with an improved UV map.

Where exactly do I get the stuff:
The first quest will be triggered when the playing character is level 10 or more. Compass markers have been added for locations. However, the locations are enabled and one can bump into the boat even if the level 10 - exploring pays and the quest will update upon the location's discovery.

Story :
This is a tale with a beginning but without an end, not placed exactly in time, nor in space. For Tamriel is but a small realm in the halls of Nirn, whose life is Time, which flows ever from the first sound to the last word of Akatosh.
This is the story of the valliant adventurer, willing to go through perils to achieve his goals. No more and no less, his paths can lead to great treasure or to certain death, for greed should never be the motivation of action.
This is the story about Heroes and their long lost legendary weapons. For even one arrow can fall the mightiest of the Heroes and even the sharpest of the weapons can be vanquished by treachery.
And so it happens that a boat laden with the breathless body of a Fallen Hero stops on the shores of Cyrodiil. His life must have been a great one, as the wind knows of it, but will tell the story only to the worthy one!

Place the following items in the listed locations as below:
'WOTFH_1.3.esp' and the 'meshes' & 'textures' folders all go in the following location: "Install Directory\Oblivion\Data\". You will be asked if you want to overwrite a couple of times, choose 'yes' to each time or 'yes to all' to save a couple of clicks.
With that done make sure to check the activation box for the 'WOTFH_1.3.esp' file before launching the game (delete the previous WOTFH_1.0, if you downloaded only the Update).

If you have previously finished the quests using and older version and want to keep the savegames, do the same as above, just rename the new Esp file as the old one and over-write it (and remember to tick it again when launching the game).

List of Weapons/Enchantments:
Sword of Gondor: Wrath Of The Fallen Hero (Fortify Strength, Restore Health/Fatigue) / Orcbane (custom scripted Magic Effect: Random Demoralize/Paralyze/Supress applied to Orc Race)
Glamdring: Foe Hammer (Fortify Personality/Endurance, Restore Magicka) / Sacred Fire (custom scripted Magic Effect: Random Demoralize/Paralyze/Supress applied to Daedra/Dremora Factions/Races)
Sting: Spider's Bane (Fortify Speed/Luck, Resist Poison) / Daemon Slayer (custom scripted Magic Effect: Damage Health to Daedra/Dremora Factions/Races)
Orcrist: Goblin Cleaver (Fortify Endurance/Strength, Resist Disease) / Goblin Slayer (custom scripted Magic Effect: Damage Health to Goblin Factions)
Elven Hunting Knife: Wild Elf's Cunning (Fortify Agility/Fatigue/Light Armor) / Light of Telperion (custom scripted Magic Effect: Turn Undead to Undead/Lich/Vampire Factions/Races)
Hadhafang: Throng Cleaver (Fortify Intelligence, Detect Life) / Light of Laurelin (custom scripted Magic Effect: Random Demoralize/Turn Undead/Supress applied to Undead/Lich/Vampire Factions/Races)
Elven War Sword: Elven Warcry (Fortify Willpower/Block, Resist Paralysis) / Punisher (custom scripted Magic Effect: Random Demoralize/Paralyze/Supress applied to Bandit/Marauder Factions/Races)
Uruk-Hai Scimitar: Berserker (Fortify Strength/Fatigue/Health) / Destroyer (custom scripted Magic Effect: Damage Health Creature Faction)

Note: Some quest-related factions may not be subject of the above applications of Magic Effects.

Warning! The monsters are tough, so that may prevent low-level characters from finishing the second quest. However, the weapons are conceived to be used by higher level characters, so low levels are on their own for this one.

Sword of Gondor: Mesh&Texture - Adonnay;
Glamdring: Mesh&Texture - Painkiller&Adonnay
Sting: Mesh&Texture - BoneBrew22
Orcrist: Mesh - Adonnay; Texture - Adonnay&Painkiller
Elven Hunting Knife: Mesh&Texture - Adonnay
Elven War Sword: Mesh&Texture - Adonnay
Hadhafang: Mesh&Texture - Adonnay
Uruk-Hai Scimitar: Mesh&Texture - RedHaired_Alice
Shield of Gondor: Mesh - Bethesda; Texture - Painkiller
All weapons enchantments/effects scripted by Damar Stiehl and Painkiller.

Special Thanks:
Bethesda for the great game and background for modding, as well as for the beautiful Construction Set provided with the game; Damar Stiehl for scripting help and tutorials; Adonnay for great advices in modelling/texturing; Conan, for his idea to create this mod; Nath, for his infinite patience and help in modelling...