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Added: 20/10/2006 - 02:05AM
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Oblivion Mod Remover(OBMR) v2.01
by Vizwind
Updated on 14/03/2007

Removing an installed Mod can be a very tedious work if there are dozens of files, e.g. dds, nif, sound, etc scattered in different folders. More importantly it can be a dangerous activity if you mistakenly remove some file that you shouldn't.

After searching the web I couldn't find my answer to help me out of this embarrassment so I decide to make one myself. That's where Oblivion Mod Remover comes from.

This Mod is especially helpful for those people who like to try all kinds of Mods frequently, such as myself. :p Hope all of you can enjoy it and be less headache when playing with Mods.

1. This utility is based on JAVA, so first of all you need to install JVM (You should install J2SE v1.5(aka J2SE v5.0), J2SE v1.4 will NOT work). I am Sorry if this step troubles you but I swear it's rather simple and straightforward. I choose JAVA simply because I can code most fluently by using it.

You can download Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 here: http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp

Now double click on the exe file that you just downloaded and follow the instructions to complete the setup. The whole setup process should be less than 5 mins. Simple enough, right? :)

2. Extract the folder OBMR to any place that you like.

1. Double click on "OBMR.jar" and a window will pop-up if you havent done this step before. Select "Select the program from a list", then select "Java(TM) 2 Platform Standard Edition binary". The good news here is that you only need to do this step once. :)

2. Now OBMR window will show up. You need to choose the "TESIV Data Folder" where your Oblivion data folder is located, "Mod to Remove Folder" where you want to put the Mod that want to remove, and the "Backup Folder" is you have chosen to enable backup by clicking on the "Enable Backup" checkbox. I strongly suggust that you enable the backup for safety cause . And once again you only need to do this step once. :)

3. Congratulations! Now you have successfully setup your environment. You can start to use this utility to remove any Mods in just several clicks. :D

For example if you want to remove Mod "Myths and Legends 2 UPDATE"(Just for example, I personally appreciate this Mod very much), firstly you should have the compressed archive "4555-2.4.8-Myths and Legends 2 UPDATE-TESSource.zip"(You have a copy of the compressed archive of the Mod that you have installed, right? :P And the file format doesnt matter at all), then extract all the files in this archive to the "Mod to Remove Folder" that you have choosed. Click on the "Start" button and all done!

3. The result of your last action will be shown in the textarea. And results of all your actions in one operation (i.e. between you start OBMR and close OBMR) will also be logged in a file "OBMR.log" for your later review if you want.

4. You can check the backup folder for the files you have removed. Each time you run this utility a subfolder named with current timestamp is created under the "Backup Folder" you have choosed for easy tracking, such as "2006.10.20_08.26.34". If no file is removed during the process then no subfolder will be created!

Once again, of course you can turn off the backup but it's not recommended at least not before you have test in game and everything is all right.

BONUS: Data Folder Tidying
Each time you run this utility it will also automatically remove any folder which is empty to keep your folder structure clean.
NOTE: If you have nested empty folders, you need to run this utility serveral times to remove all empty folders because each time it can only remove the innermost empty folder.

Change History:
Resovle a minor bug so that OBMR will not check the backup folder when enable backup is turned off

A user-friendly GUI is added as a remedy for the OBMR v1.0 setup symptoms :P

1. Mod removing
2. Data folder tidying

Thanks debug13 for suggusting a better J2SE v5.0 downloading point

The Author isn't responsible for any damage caused during using this utility because it's totally free ware although this utility has been designed with safety in mind and tested carefully.