The Black Cat Jewelry Store Daedric Statues by Cinnamon and Trey Leavens
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PLEASE NOTE: If you are suffering from annoying collision bug that causes the statues to slowly sink through surfaces over time, try locking them on their places with beancounter's Decorator Assistant mod. That is the only solution for the problem I can offer at the moment.

MOD STATUS: This mod has some unresolved issues but it is no longer supported. It is possible that it will be updated or remade in the future, but at the moment it is abandoned.
Please do not redistribute the original or modified version of it in any way. I want it to remain available on TesNexus and Planet Elder Scrolls only.

You are, however, allowed to use the statues in your own projects as long as properly credited for it. But any issues you may run into while doing so will be your headache, not mine.


Have you ever wanted to decorate your home with the Gods of Oblivion? Now you can! Despite of the protests of the Skingrad's local church-goers, recently opened The Black Cat Jewelry Store has obtained a large shipment of beautiful statues of the Daedra Princes, and is now offering these rare and remarkable pieces of art to anyone who can afford them.

These statues are practically identical to those you can see at the daedric shrines. However, they have been downscaled and turned into actual items that you can pick up and move around freely as you want. Not only they are excellent for house decoration, but they also give you something to spend your gold on.

At the moment there are four different kind of statues available for each of the sixteen Daedra Princes.

In addition to the daedric gods, there are also statues of the Nine Divines available. They come in two sizes.


v 1.0.2 / 19.10, 2006
- Statue of the Night Mother is now available, as requested.
- Mesh updates for the Nine Divines.
- Replaced a couple of more tapestries with custom ones.
- Increased the amount of all statues available.
- Minor atmospheric tweaking here and there.
- Daedric note has been updated to be (a little bit) more serious.

v 1.0.1 / 11.10, 2006
- Fixed a typo in Hermaeus Mora's name.
- Increased the amount of Nine Divines available.

v 1.0.0 / 10.10, 2006
- Initial release