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Story: Welcome to Gudruns Rest Welcome Traveller to the campsite of Holgar the Strong Have a seat by the fire and I will tell you a tale. Holgar was an adventurer in his younger days,and quite an accomplished one. His adventures took him all over Cyrodiil,some say he was even a pirate in his youth. He was born the son of a smith. He was tau

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Welcome to Gudruns Rest
Welcome Traveller to the campsite of Holgar the Strong
Have a seat by the fire and I will tell you a tale.
Holgar was an adventurer in his younger days,and quite an accomplished one.
His adventures took him all over Cyrodiil,some say he was even a pirate in his youth.
He was born the son of a smith. He was taught in the Old Nord way of making armour,
scavenge from what you have available.
When he was 15 he met the love of his life,Gudrun. They had a child named Rhossan.
Holgar took his family into the Jerrel Mountains to look for materials to use in his forge.
That was when tragedy struck,they were beset by a Horde of Ogres.
Gudrun fell....
Holgar slew the Ogres.
He knew after the battle that he could adventure no more ...
He had to watch over his daughter.
Determined that this would never happen to the only
tie he had left to his beloved Gudrun,
He sent his daughter away...some say she made a name for herself, following the art of her father.
So now ...Holgar stays in the mountains, where he buried his beloved wife,
supporting himself by making clothes and armor.
The things he makes reflects his gathered knowlege from a youth of adventuring.
He makes fur and hide in the Old Nord fashion.
He makes boots similar to what his pirate friend Amra wore.
Hie makes kilts and bracers of all shapes and sizes as well.
Holgar also knows that a good helm can be as much a weapon as a defense.
He has a collection of helms that he has added horns to, in the style of the Old Nords.
He might be persuaded to teach a thing or two in swordsmanship, just to keep you safe in the mountains.
He awaits news of his child.......


Thanks for Downloading our Barbarian Shop Mod
What you have here is about a months worth of work done by Rabbitfly with me constantly sending him rapid-fire ideas.
I have enjoyed the collaboration wth this young man immensely
I honestly don't know why he put up with me.
I feel honoured that he wanted to include me in this mod,which actually started as a request for a kilt.
What started as a request became an idea for a mod for all of you barbarians out there.
I hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed seeing it be made by
who i would consider to be one of the top 2 modders out there
Thanks Rabbitfly,


I was approached by Tonkiesama one day, he had seen one of my mods and had a request, and as I felt it was nice that he felt confident enough in me to actually ask me for something I fulfilled his request. Something I should have never done, because I opened the door. Tonkiesama kept coming back for more requests, and I kept fulfilling them. As it were a very creative relationship evolved. So even though some might contemplate on who has done this and that, I say we have an equal share in the making of this mod. And if this mod had a soul Tonkiesama would be it. And now we sit here today, with this mod. Like it or not, but we put a lot of work into it.


The Project:

This is a mod for thoose of you that like the stories of Vikings and Barbarians. It adds a new shop to the game, with a new npc that sells stuff made for the barbarian character.Most items are just recompiled meshes to fit the barbarian character, alot of the items are retextured, with alpha channels to get our vision in the game. Some items have cut and refitted models (custom meshes). We have taken elements allready in the game we felt were fitting for a barbarian character and added it to that fashion. Some items are specially designed together with meshes and textures to give a feel of something that was not there from before. Some of which we are proud of. We have taken alot of inspiration from the drawings of John Buscema and Frank Frazetta, Conan fans will recognize these names.

What you get:
All items are Light armor and equal to glass armor in stats.

Fur Baldric (a shoulder strap textured in fur (custom cut model))
Leather Baldric (a shoulder strap textured in Leather (custom cut model))

Folded Boots (Bucaneer style boots in 2 different color variations)
Short Folded Boots (Same as Folded boots, but with a shorter fold)
Light Fur Boots (Retextured Ebony Boots)
Mukluks (Retextured Ebony Boots)
Heavy Fur Boots (Retextured Deadric Boots)

Leather Bracers (retextured Deadric bracers)
Gold Bracers (retextured Bracers)
Leather Wrapped Bracers (Cutaway part from Leather gauntlets)

Horned helmets, almost all helmets in the game have been added to Holgars shop, these are light armor and equal to glass in stats, the special thing with these helmets are that they summon horns, do not be alarmed of the horns icon in your inventory.*

Armored Kilt (Custom compilation and retexture)
Gold Girdle With Fur (Retextured Male Loincloth and refitted retextured girdle)
Girdle With Leather (Retextured Male Loincloth and refitted girdle)
Wool Kilt (Custom compilation and retexture)
Leather Kilt (Skirt from female Legion armor)
Mystic Kilt (Kilt from Mythic Dawn Armor)

Holgar's Special;
Holgar is wearing a custom compilation armor with original textures, this is not playable.

Where to get it:
Holgar has set up camp by his decesed loves grave, it is located up in the mountains. You have to do some climbing to find it. It is North and Slightly NW of Cloud Ruler Temple, see screenshots for refrence.

extract the zip to your Oblivion/data folder.

Known Issues:
Some of the items included in this mod will not look as supposed together with the constant glow effect of some enchantments (especially Folded Boots and Short Folded Boots), therefore I recommend using Kweeky's glow fix mod, it removes the constant effect from the game, and makes all enchantment effects to only have a start up glow. You can find his mod here http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=1843

Depending on the thickness of your head some of the Horned Helmets will have some see through effects, these are minor and should not be noticed during normal gameplay.

Future Releases:
We plan to update this mod with further items regulary. How regulary is unsure and depends on what we come up with, but we allready have a few more items in the works
There might be new models in the future, depending on how good I get at modelling and/or if a modeller likes our project and wants to help out. Something which we are interested in.

requests will be reviewed but not necessarily granted

Story: Tonkiesama
Concept: Tonkiesama & RabbitFly
Custom Textures: RabbitFly
Compiled Meshes: RabbitFly
Troubleshooting & Testing: Tonkiesama

Tonkiesama thinks that few people actually read through the readme, therefore he wants to give out a small reward for thoose that did and want this thing. Holgar's Special armor is not playable, but Tonkiesama says that if you like it (which he does) you can PM either him or me and request it to be playable. We will then provide you with an update ESP.

Update 1.2
So due to a lot of stuff coming in the way of my modding, this project

has been stalled for quite a while. I know I promised updates and

Holgars Special Armor to a lot of people. So while the project is

still on hold for now, I decided it was time to actually give out the

Holgar's Special Armor as promised.


the quickfix for the tan short folded boots have been included in the

main download
Holgar's Special armor (includes upper and lower body) are now

playable and added to Holgar's Shop