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Stendarr Valley features a winter wilderness, a dead forest, and a few places of interest to the Jerral Mountains region. If you enjoy mountain climbing, exploring snow-covered regions, and plain old winter adventuring, this is the mod for you! But one must take care when one climbs in the Jerrals; it is easy to get hurt because falls can happen often, even when you are not expecting it . Remember, this is the wilds... quite a ways away from any healing temples, so pack plenty of potions. So many folk have been involved in mishaps while traveling through this region that the Cyrodiil Travelers' Guild only recommends this area if you are well-equipped and armored. Also, you might want to watch out for the wild beasts; wolves and bears are all over. Many an unwise adventurer has found themselves bleeding to death because of a few too many wild-beast bites. But, fear not! Perhaps you have a spell to control them? All-in-all, get ready for a decent adventure with some realistic mountaineering in the coldest part of Cyrodiil...


Unique Landscapes project

Compatibility Information

Please visit the Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patches page for a list of known and patched conflicts.

All UL mods are compatible with each other. However, there is one issue arising from the limitations of the game's graphic engine: Landscape LOD may overlap for different mods.
To make the landscape look the same in the distance as it does up close, you need to download two tools. Use the Landscape LOD Generator TES4LL to create distant ground, and use TES4LODGen to create distant objects. These tools create entirely different things so there is no conflict between them, and both should be run after you have sorted your load order using BOSS. The results will be unique to your personal game, not a generic combination of only the most popular mods.

Legal stuff/ Disclaimer

Please feel free to share the plugins. Just dont take credit for them! If you want to release so called 'bug fixes' and alternative versions or if you would like to create a Unique Landscapes compatible Town or Village, please contact us via the forum thread or PMs.