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The Romancing of Eyja - by Joel \"madmole\" Huenink Contact for feedback and bug reports: [email protected] Version 1.2 Changes for 1.2: Removed lingerie from the shared container, it is now all in Eyja\'s sexy drawer of her wardrobe. She will wear white by default. Changed the dinner date so she follows you home, rather than going on

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The Romancing of Eyja
Better Servant and Rosethorn Hall

The Romancing of Eyja - by Joel "madmole" Huenink Contact,FAQ for feedback and bug reports on my forums here:
Email for emergencies: [email][email protected][/email]

Version 1.4:

1.4 Download @ tesnexus:

1.4 Download from 4drulers.com:

Now requires OBSE version v0014 & Shivering Isles. (it might work without SI, but you'll be missing animations).
You can get OBSE or higher here:

Added new foods she can give you: venison, beef, pork, sweetrolls in addition to the original shepards pie.
Added ingredient storage by daleth.
Added spell making & magic item making alters.
Added bath tub in the basement & steam effect.
Eyja's stargaze package she now sits down on a bench on the balcony and will chatter with the player, instead of falling off half the time.
Improved Eyja's maid outfit, making it skimpier, and added sinblood's boots.
Gave Eyja's combat commands. She will stay back and use a bow, or get up close with a sword based on the player's commands.
Eyja will model clothing using a sexy animation.
Updated the basement appearance. There are red curtains down there now.
Added armor repair script, requires OBSE.
curtains which can be opened or closed in the upstairs bedroom for a nice mood when needed or immersion sleeping in the dark.
Added jewelry boxes for Eyja and for the player in each respective bedroom area.
Added a sleep package in gunders bed for before you hire her. Before she just loitered outside all the time.
Added work packages when gunder owns her, updated some work packages to use SI broom animation.
Added an openable and closable tapestry to the master bedroom on rosethorn hall. This lets the light in or shuts it out by lowering tapestries in the room. The one by the closet controls all of them.

1.3 changes:
Added change clothes script to wear sexy clothing when she goes to bed
Added clothes change script so she wears what is in the adventure drawer when you ask her to follow you.
Fixed armor bonuses issue when Eyja tells player to get naked.
Added Wait function to follow mode and appropriate sound files.
Added Sneaking when player sneaking
Added torch equip script when dungeoning, and she puts it out when sneaking
Added Armor * weapon repair function. Note it only works with the stock armor I have given her.
Added Armor repair repsonse dialogue
Cleaned up mod considerably so there will be less conflicts with other mods.
Fixed dive rock book script, somehow I'd changed it to use one of mine by accident.
Added a check at the beginning so you cannot hire her until all the packages are purchased.
Moved reading package to a higher priority so she reads 7 days a week.
Added resurrection scripts to a few NPC's that were dead in many people's games, making the quests impossible to complete.
Clarified that the Lusty Argonian maid has to be a brand new copy from IC book store, and not just any old one a player may have had.
Added a check to the dates, Eyja won't go on a date if it's raining outside.

VERSION 1.2 COMPLETE DOWNLOAD from Tessource: 28.8 MB http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=6960


1.1 Official Oblivion patch is required - download here

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At long last, the mod is here, after four months of blood, sweat and tears. I hope it lives up to it's expectations, and I hope everyone likes it as much as I enjoyed making it.

For those who are newcomers to this mod, it started out as "Better Servant and Rosethorn Hall" where I wanted to improve the maid, and Skingrad house, but as things progressed it quickly turned into a hot and steamy romance mod as well with quest dates you can take her on. I've turned the ugly old Nord into a somewhat better looking servant, and I've improved Rosethorn Hall a bit, by adding a swimming pool and various other small changes. I've given her all sorts of new behavior, and we've come up with a wardrobe that allows her to change clothes every day and for special activities. She works around the house and is reluctant to date the player at first, in fact she gives you the cold shoulder for a while until you prove you are serious. There are a few big dates, one where the both of you go horseback riding and another fancy dinner in Anvil.

Key features:
Quest to date her and win her heart...
Fully functional wardrobe. The user can make her wear what they want by placing items in the drawers.
Tons of packages. You never know what Eyja might be doing.
Eyja is younger and more attractive.
Voice acting all reconstructed from original sounds to make new voice overs sound authentic.
3 New maids outfits
New Dress for the big date and custom hair
New swimming pool Eyja swims in each day. (wears swim suit an has special wet hair model for that package)
Variety of clothing she wears.
Custom music
Custom animations
ReUse of unique animations
Basic disposition system.

Here are some screens:

Old Eyja and New Eyja:

Eyja in formal gown with formal hair:

Eyja in new maid outfit:

Eyja swimming in new underground swimming pool:

Eyja on the horseback riding date:

Eyja in white lingerie:

Eyja in black lingerie:

Video of dinner date:

Video of her scrubbing the floor (new custom animation)

Video of her strutting her stuff (new custom animation)

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having crashes moving from room to room in Rosethorn hall, what is wrong?
I'm pretty sure you need the official patch, you can download it here:

I updated to version 1.3 and the bed upstairs is gone!
Open the console up by hitting the tilde key. Select the rug on the floor where the bed was. Type disable and hit enter. The old ugly bed should reappear. Then type enable and hit enter, and the good bed and rug will come back.

I can't find Shum go-Yarug to buy Rosethorn hall. I followed his quest marker but there is nothing there.

Glitch Warning: Shum go-Yarug is a candidate for the "sudden NPC death" because he tends to fall from the bridge to the castle. If he is dead, his quest marker will uselessly cycle between Skingrad and Castle Skingrad.
If this is the case, on PC you can use the console command "player.placeatme 00028FB6" to respawn him at your location. You may have to raise this respawned Orc's disposition (again) with Speechcraft.

I can't buy Rosethorn hall? Shum go-Yarug won't sell it to me.
You need about 16 fame.

I've made it to the bridge with Eyja on the horse date, but nothing happens?
You have to both be mounted on your horses, and then just wait (in real time, not fast wait) a few seconds, and you should get a pop up saying it's time to head home.

I gave Eyja the book, but the quest won't advance?
You need to see her read it. She might have thrown it in the fireplace for all you know. (HINT) she reads about 8 pm on weekdays, so follow her around a bit and once she sits down to read your in business.

I am a female argonian. Can I still date Eyja?
Yes. Eyja does not discriminate. There are a few lines of dialogue that are said assuming the PC is male, but that shouldn't ruin the experience.

Can I change her clothes?
Yes. You can put whatever you want in her wardrobe cabinet and she will wear it when the next activity cycles along.

How does her wardrobe work?
It has a drawer menu in it for each day of the week, and special drawers for adventure, lingerie, swim wear, etc.

Can I take Eyja with me on adventures?
Yes, once you complete the quests there is a basic follow/go home option.

Is there nudity or any hot coffee action?
No, this is a romance mod, not p0rn.

I love her clothing. Will you make a separate release so I can get use her clothing?
Probably. But not until after this mod is done. You can just steal it from Eyja once the quests are over, she won't mind.

What body are you using?
All sorts of them. Bodies are integrated into the clothing. I used Stock Bethesda stuff for the clothing with some model/uv changes, but enhanced her full figure appearance on the models/meshes, and used BIU's body for the lingerie and swimwear, with some small tweaks.

Do I need a body mod for this mod?


Can I run a body mod with this mod?


Is it compatible with OOO or Francescos mod?


Is the other Rosethorn hall mod compatible with this?
No, but it doesn't have a hot servant and a million features either. You'll have to decide.

Is the billiards table optional?
Nope. Delete it in the CS if you don't want it.

Can I play pool?
No, but you can knock the pearl around on the table with a sword and it might fall in the hole, I haven't messed with it much. I just had it laying around and threw it in there a long time ago.

I don't like how Eyja looks. Can you make her a mystic elf?
No. But you can edit her in the CS if you want. Eyja is the same as the stock game except younger and with make up. I reduced her lips after ten million people requested it, other than that her face is the same. I have no idea what might happen though, and I will not support any changes, so do so at your own risk.

I like the hair. Can I wear it with my character?
You can, but it's brunette only. It doesn't change color like normal hair, it's like a wig.[/QUOTE]

How do I install it?
Read the readme file included in the download.

FAQ by Vutall:

Remedies for "Bugs" People are having and other FAQ's: WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS

Firstly, I would like ot thank the developer, Madmole, for all the hard work and effort he put into this mod. Its little things like this that really enhance TESIV;Oblivion, and we need more people to follow in his footsteps. Secondly, before reading this FAQ, Please nopte this was written for the newest release of the ESP, 1.1 If you have the old version, see above links.

Q: I cant start the quest to romance Eyja:
A: First, make sure you have everything bought for the house, then when she is inside the house, talk to her and click the Romance Eyja button. After you click it, wait for a few minutes in game ((not using the wait menu)) and a quest popup should say something about talking to her again. Talk to her again and press the Romance Eyja button again ((note, it should be gold, not grey. If its grey, you didnt wait long enough)) and you should get your frist quest to get her a gift.

Q: I got Eyja her book, but now what?
A: Again, this one is simply fixed by waiting in game, ((not using the wait menu)) and after a while a menu should pop up saying she had had long enough time to read the book. Go and talk ot her and click on the newly gold menu item. ((I cant remember if its just Romance Eyja or if it says something about the book))

Q: HELP! I am supposed to take Eyja horseback riding but when I get to the stables Eyja is nowhere to be found!
A: You silly goose. Its not to romantic if you run ahead and leave Eyja behind. Wait outside your house until you see Eyja, then WALK to the stables. She will follow you. If you just run ahead she might eventually show up, but it could take a while.

Q: I love this mod, but when we go riding I dont get any updates after we get to the bridge and it says enjoy the view.
A: This one alot of peple had problems with, and again, tis simply fixed by 1, You HAVE to be on a horse. ((dont steal one either while Eyja is in your presence. You cna try it.. but I warned you)) and two, you both have to be on the bridge somewhat in the middle, and then wait for a few minutes in game ((NOT using the wait menu)) and after a while another menu woill pop up saying head back home.

Q: The dinner date seemes messed up! Every time I try to talk to her she only says: Im on my way to rose...now. What do I do?!??!
A: After she sits down at the table, sit down at the chair and then just wait in game. She will say some things outloud and after a few minutes it brings up another menu saying something about going home.

Q: I went upstais after hte argument but Eyja was not there! Did I really piss her off that bad?!
A: No... You jumped the gun. Eyja needs to go downstairs and change and THEN she will go upstairs. Simply wait around either upstairs in your rook or downstairs ((I prefer downstairs so you can get some extended eye candy) and after a few minutes she will change and then walk upstairs

Q:Were in the room but what now?! I cant talk to her, she only says: Im heading to Rose..now!
A: Again, this one is solved by waiting in game ((NOT using the wait menu)) for a while. Eyja will cycle through some verbal lines and after so long a menu will pop up.

Q: After the dinner date Eyja keeps telling me to get naked, and I am but she keeps saying it.
A: Make sure your armor class is zero by taking off all rings and removing any enchantments. 1.3 might help resolve this issue.

Q: OMG She fell asleep on me and I didnt get any! What a tease!
A: If you cant figure this one out, you probably dont deserve to be romancing eyja, but ill help you out. Go to sleep with her.

Q: When Eyja pus on certain clothing her body looks funny, or sometimes appwears inviible!
A: First, make sure you installed the mod brand new, and dint install anthing after it. Nothing SHOULD interfere with the textures, but its better to be safe then sorry. Second, make sure Eyja loads completely last on your mod order. Again, nothing should interfere with the mob, but its better to be safe than sorry. Thirdly, make sure you updated your archiveinvalidation. I dont know ho to do this manually, but if you use Oblivion Mob Manager it has a little button that will do it for you.

Q: The basment pool area has purple tiles on the ceiling! its ugly!
A: Its a little bug that slipped past our wonderful designer. hey, when working on something this grand, little thing are bound to slip through. You cant fix it yourself unfortunetly, we have to wait for madmole to release a patch with a fix for it, which as of writing this, he has! Download the patch here: http://www.4drulers.com/gore/basementsections.rar

Q: How do I get eyja to change her clothes?
A: Go to her wardrobe and click it, Select whatever option, and take out the clothing items in that drawer it bring sup. ((leave the key and the hair)) then drop in whatever you want her to wear. When it comes to the time to wear it, she should. An easy test is to either put it in her swimwear since she swims every day, or to put it in the slot for the next day of the week and wait till the next day. If she still wears the old clothing, you forgot to take it out of the drawer.

Q: Can I change Eyja's looks at all? I want her to be X race:
A: This isnt exactly supported by the developer because it could, ((but shouldnt)) cause unknown problems.First, make a backup of the Eyja.esp file for safe reasons. Then open the Constrution set, click data, and click on Oblivion.esm and Eyja.esp, then while you have eyja selected, click set as active, then hit ok. click NPC's and look for the one named EyjaNew under the editor ID menu. Click her and it should outline everything with a blue line. Right click that line and hit edit, and then there is a little box that says race and should say nord in it. You can change it to whatever you lie. If you want to set her as a custom race, make sure you have the custom race esp checked as well when you load up the editor, but make sure the euja esp is the active one. You can use this method to edit anything on her. From her animations, skills, dialog, spells, face, animations, or any of it.

FAQ by Vutall, If I missed anyhting, please PM me or Email me at [email][email protected][/email] subject: Eyja FAQ.

Permissions: Madmole may use this however he wants. Anyone else has to ask HIM for permission. Not me.