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Septim Mansion 1.3 ================== In a forgotten age there was a powerful emperor who ordered a vast contruction team and the most powerful wizard around to have a splendid mansion accessible in a realm private to him, and accessibly by a spell. He wanted his portable mansion to be as luxurious and spacious as the imperial palace itself.

Permissions and credits
Septim Mansion 1.3

In a forgotten age there was a powerful emperor who ordered a vast contruction team and the most powerful wizard around to have a splendid mansion accessible in a realm private to him, and accessibly by a spell. He wanted his portable mansion to be as luxurious and spacious as the imperial palace itself. The mansion came into existence, a spell was cast onto a book, that would grant the reader knowledge to summon a portal that would take him to the mansion. Yet soon this splendid mansion became a myth. So to say, the book went with its owner, long forgotten.

Yet somehow, the book is said to have appeared again. The god Akatosh deems one adventurer worthy of using this splendid mansion in his travels. Only this adventurer can aquire the book and thus the wealth of the mansion, which has magically been preserved over time.

1. Features
A storage room, two display rooms, bedroom, chapel, alchemy room, library, alchemy garden, armory, room to keep a companion in, spellmaking and enchanting stations. All accessible through a spell that allows you to take the house with you on your travels. The house features a teleportation system too, which makes accessing your stuff easy if you don't want to wander all across the mansion.

The mod has a hidden thieves hideout and a cloister with blade monks. It might be fun to try and find them. :-)

If you don't like (this type of) house mods, you might still like exploring the huge mansion and its surroundings. My utmost attention has gone to making this mod easthetically pleasing and making it feel like a peaceful place, away from all of the perils of the rest of the Elder Scrolls world.

The house is staffed by approximately 20 NPC's, which you may find wandering around in certain area's of the house.

The display rooms in Septim Mansion contain pedestals on which you can place mannequins of any popular mannequin mod.

2. Installation
Just extract Septim Mansion.esp to your Oblivion data folder and enable it in the launcher.

Upgrading from Septim Mansion 1.2 is not advised, as a LOT has changed since this version. To safely upgrade, make sure you remove all your items from the house, load up the game without Septim Mansion 1.2 and save. Then restart the game with Septim Mansion 1.3 in place.

NOTE: Septim Mansion 1.0 and 1.2 and Book mansion 1.0 are NOT compatible with this version of the mod. But it should be possible to transfer your stuff from Book Mansion to the new location by using the book from the previous version to enter the old mansion. No guarantees if it'll work though. If you want to upgrade from Septim Mansion 1.0 to 1.1, you are advised to load your game without the mod, then save, and then reload with the 1.2 mod loaded. I will try to avoid the necessity of this process in the future, but some structural changes were made, that make this step necessary.

3. Playing the mod
You can aquire the book in the Imperial City's arboretum, at the bottom of the statue of Akatosh. A more suitable way to aquire the mansion will be added in the future, there are some advanced plans for this already.

4. Changelog
+ Changes in Septim Mansion 1.3
- Added two watch towers
- Added 10 fully sheduled guards (patrolling in shifts)
- Ingredient garden was moved to the exterior gardens
- Wizard's Tower was moved
- Added servants to the library and wizard's tower
- Overall size of the mansion has greatly expanded
- A cult of blade monks is dwelling in a cloister in the caves beneath the mansion (may be found wandering around the house at certain times
- Added a lectern for the book that is used to aquire the mansion in the Imperial City Arboretum
- Redecorated the gardens
- A LOT of minor fixes and enhancements
- Added the tomb of Sephorus Septim
- A lot of other stuff I forgot to track...

+ Changes in Septim mansion 1.2
- Added baths & exterior baths
- Added cave system with exits to the garden
- Added even more deer to the garden
- Added thieves lair
- Moved bear to bottom level of Wizard's tower
- Tweaked lightning in the entrance area, as well as fixed a little bug
- Added some containers to the library
- Modified storage area
- Modified display room (improved lightning and furnishing)
- Cleaned up the mod so that it won't interfere with other mods anymore
- Added a training area in the gardens
- Added another display room
- Added armory
- Removed cheat items (except the alchemy stuff)
- Tweaked the garden aesthetically, removed floating rocks
- Companion quarters
- Lot's of other minor stuff

+ Changes in Septim mansion 1.1
- Every container in the house is now no longer respawning after a certain amount of time. My apologies for this issue previously present in the mod.
- Added proper cell path grids to all cells.
- Added a corridor to allow better access to the storage-, bed- and display rooms.
- Moved the bedroom to the main corridor.
- Added storage containers for Varla/Welkynd stones, empty and filled soulgems and enchantable items in the Wizard's Tower.
- Modified the bedroom
- Modified the Wizard's tower
- Modified the entrance hall
- Added library
- Added a door to the chapel, to create a bit more intimacy.
- Added some deer to the park

+ Changes in Septim Mansion 1.0 (as of Book Mansion)
- Fixed a clipping issue with a wall in the storage room.
- Added a new teleportation system with a summoning portal. (Thanks to LazyMonk)
- Fixed ownership problems with some objects in the bedroom.
- Changed the title of the portal that takes you to the bedroom from 'Mages guild portal' to 'Portal'.
- Added shadow to the dog.
- Fixed an issue with a book shooting away when standing up again after sitting at the desk in the bedroom.
- Added gardens, based on Camerons Paradise.
- Added a Wizard's Tower, containing all your enchanting, alchemy (as well as a garden with alchemy supplies) and spellmaking needs.
- Added a little chapel with a shrine to the nine divine.
- Other minor tweaks and improvements.

You can distribute and modify this mod freely as long as you provide proper credits for the part(s) you use.
Thanks to LazyMonk, Xui and others for their input and contributions to the Septim Mansion.

Have fun!

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