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Added: 11/09/2006 - 05:18AM
Updated: 07/01/2008 - 11:38PM

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Real Lava
by CptJoker

This mod is for all those people who wanted real lava instead of that red soup Bethesda came up with!

It's been a year since I released my v1.2 texture (made from USGS lava research photographs) and I felt it was time for another overhaul: v1.3 is 2048x2048! The old texture just wasn't going to cut it in the hi-res world, so I increased its resolution and added masses of extra detail to make it really seem organic (or inorganic, depending on how you look at lava.)

As always I've gone for the HOT end of the scale, with lava that looks like it's never cooled down, and the results are pretty spectacular!

NOTE: I've left the old v1.2 link up (called "Real Lava") because I think it might be a better fit for people using standard Oblivion textures, whereas the new v1.3 (called "Real Lava 1_3") is better with hi-resolution retextures. But see for yourself! None of the files overwrite each other, and there's a comparison screenshot among the images.

Version 1.3
12 Oct 07

See the lava in action! (@YouTube)


v1.3 Overhauled texture, now hires (2048x2048), .esp tweaks
v1.2 Modified texture, minor .esp tweaks, readme tweaks
v1.1 Totally new texture; further tweaks to the .esp
v1.0 Initial release

- What The Mod Does -

Simply replaces the default Oblivion lava texture (and only that one) and tweaks some of the visual characteristics of its flow - all cosmetic, it's otherwise regular Oblivion lava.

- Installation-

1) Unzip the Textures folder and .esp file to your Data folder.

2) Activate the .esp and enjoy!

- Legal and Stuff -

Feel free to use this mod to enhance anything: the game itself, your own mods, anything. I made this in my spare time, so if it can make someone else's experience better, go for it! But I do request that you cite or credit me for any work that you use - a little recognition is always nice. :D

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