Atmospheric Weather System by HTF
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Added: 04/09/2006 - 11:53PM
Updated: 25/04/2010 - 11:27PM

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Last updated at 23:27, 25 Apr 2010 Uploaded at 23:53, 4 Sep 2006

This is a very large weather addon for Oblivion. It has more than 100 different weather types. Including 60 or so for the Shivering Isles expansion. It is a separate file included so if you do not own SI you can still use AWS.
It also adds a seasonal weather system and improves night time and the water.

Version History

V2.5 Update

Tweaked and fixed some of the cloud textures, including cleaning
them up a bit, (there were some artifacts on the clear day ones).
Put the water changes into a separate esp so you are not forced to use it.
Put the changes to existing Oblivion records in an esp and not the esm,
this is better practice and means the AWS-Main esp can be put down the load
order to make things easier regarding conflicts (e.g with knights of the
nine as it changes some weather stuff).

V2.1 Update 30/4/07

Added 63 new weather types for Shivering Isles
Made a seperate esp file to load these weather types into oblivion
Tweaked rain during sunrise/sunset

V2.05 Update
Various tweaks to 2.0 and bug fixes.
Overall a much better mod ^^

V2.0 Major Major Update
Changed almost all the sky textures to ones I have made myself with my camera and photoshop.
Made the nights brighter and the light level dependent on the weather.
Fixed some water based issues.
Fixed some HDR based issues.
Tweaked most values for most weathers.
Further reduced blinding effect.