Snow Dragon Temple V 11 By Ronin by Ronin
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Added: 31/08/2006 - 09:33AM
Updated: 07/01/2008 - 11:54PM

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Last updated at 23:54, 7 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 9:33, 31 Aug 2006

Adds a japanese themed home and a weapon store speacializing in katanas, nodachis, wakizashis and tantos. Home is designed for any charachter but has speacial rooms and features for roleplayers of stealth or ninja classes. Home is in secluded area with view, with access to the bottom of the mountain. There is an underground passage that connects certain rooms and hidden exits together for those who would like to move in and out of the property unnoticed, this of course serves no actual purpose except for role playing. Included is a set of ninja armor, suit, hood, cowl and mask. Re textured tile sets, home furnished with newly re textured items such as sake pitcher and cups 13 paintings, pillows and lacquered chests.

Changes since version 1.0

This version of SDT moves the temple to a different location so it does not interfere with OOO.
There is a new room available now, where the snowed in stable was once before, Toshiros old room is now accessible, a room where the player can stay untill he has enough money to purchase the home, it also houses some new secrets.
The master room is now a seperate cell, this should increase fps, ive also included new paintings and items.
Ive also made off hand wakis and tantos.
Brown Wakizashi is now for sale as well, before only black wakizashi was available.
Included is a set of ninja armor, suit, hood, cowl and mask.

Home includes
Hidden Dojo
Hidden Dojo Poison Garden
Eating Area
all with non respawning storage chests, except for the arrow container.