Castle Dunkerlore by Centurion
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Added: 26/08/2006 - 11:08PM
Updated: 07/12/2010 - 07:35PM

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Last updated at 19:35, 7 Dec 2010 Uploaded at 23:08, 26 Aug 2006

This plugin adds a Castle on it´s own island located in the "Topal Bay".
It can be obtained by the player by a short quest.

-New Island located in the Topal Bay including all needed "DistantLOD" informations and updated worldmap

+Full furnished Castle for the player containing:
-alchemist, merchant, prist and smith offering their services from 08.00 AM to 06.00 PM (as soon as the player owns the castle)
-ingridient sorter inside the first floor of the mainkeep (which will collect all your ingredients out of your inventory as soon as you activate the crystall standing in front of the "Dunkerlore Ingredient Cupboard")
-hidden treasury (won´t be visible at your in-game-map!)
-hidden secret passage to Fort "Old Dunkerlore" (won´t be visible at your in-game-map!)

+ship docked at Castle Dunkerlore (of course also "owned" by the player together with the castle)

+small village "Dunkerlore Mining"


+Fort "Old Dunkerlore"

+quest to obtain the castle

All your loot will be save inside any container of Castle Dunkerlore (although they may contain some clutter) besides the ones named "Castle Dunkerlore Servant Food Cupboard"

Changes in V1.1.2
-fixed a bug which caused the removal of the bed inside Bravil´s "House for Sale"
-removed "Teleport Home" - spell due caused bugs as soon as it is used while staying at "Shivering Isles"

Changes in V1.1.1
-minor changes to the (underwater-) landscape to make this plugin compatible with "Vile Lair"

Changes in V1.1:
-Overworked dialogues/texts (by ElectricMessiah)
-dungeon added
-altered/improved teleportation spell and script (following proposals by PS33)
-altered the "contacting script" which starts the quest (player won´t be contacted anymore as soon as he leaves the sewer after having started a new game but after having delivered the "Amulet of Kings" to Jauffre)
-added all books written by Xui´al
-deleted "-50 disposition" to Dark Brotherhood members (the NPCs will now be somewhat more friendly to members of this faction)
-assigned "merchant´s-chests" for the merchants (merchants won´t keep anymore your sold goods for ever)
-some minor changes