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Waldnir's Woods v1.05 by FritZ FretZ

FEATURES - This mod adds a hunter's shack and waterfall to Shadeleaf Copse (cell -13,6) and modifies the cells adjacent to it. The shack features a basement of proper proportions, accessible from both inside and out, and a functional toolshed. The interior features a fireplace that you'll need to gather wood for (from the surrounding cells) and light. It DOES NOT include any enchanted or uber-items. Centrally located, with plenty of safe storage space, this is the ideal home for those who enjoy role-playing hunter-gather type characters.

THE FIREPLACE - In order to build a fire you'll need to have wood in the "Wood Bin" (the crate next to the fireplace). A few logs have been included to get you started. To light the fire, simply activate the woodpile in the fireplace and answer yes to the dialog box. Once lit, the fire will last apx. 7 hours. (This is coded to be independent of the timescale used.) Additonal firewood can be found in log piles that are placed in the cells surrounding the copse (Waldnir's Woods). These log piles will respawn firewood with a chance of finding 0 to 3 logs per respawn. If you have terrain grass enabled, finding the log piles can be a bit of challenge, but I consider this a good thing. Rest assured that there are no less than 16 piles out there... so keep foraging!

INSPIRATION - I had downloaded several mods that added houses, everything from uber-mansions to basicshacks, but none of them really fit the bill for my Bosmer character, Waldnir. The closest one was probably "Home Outside the Cities", but the location didn't really appeal to me. I've always liked the area around Skingrad and I liked the idea of having access to a waterfall for morning showers. Shadeleaf Copse was ideally situated at the border of the West Weald and the Great Forest, and the surrounding landscape lent itself very well to my goal. I've done all I could to keep Waldnir's Woods in sync with the original location and theme. This mod has not just been "slapped together" and "banged-out" as many of the the other house mods I've seen. I've paid close attention to detail, not only from the eye-candy perspective, e.g. elimitating clipping issues with grasses and such, but from a functional perspective also, e.g. edited pathing and LOD updating. I've made every possible effort to make this mod a seamless integration into the game.

THE STORY - While out hunting deer one morning, Waldnir had the misfortune of putting an arrow into an Imperial Forester who inadvertently jumped out in front of his shot. Unable to pay the fine the Forester levied against him, Waldnir found himself in the Imperial dungeons... and that's how it all started...


EXTERIOR CELLS - Cells (-13,6) and (-13,7) have been extensively overhauled, included major terrain changes. The remaining cells adjacent to (-13,6) have undergone relatively minor changes, e.g. swapping nightshade plants for alkanet, blackberry bushes for viper bugloss, adding and shifting a few trees and bushes, ect. A small grove of slightly rarer plants was also added, but nothing out-of-line with what you would normally find in Tamriel or even the local region, for that matter. All leveled creatures in these nine cells have been deleted and deer added to replace them. Again, nothing has been added or changed enough to upset game-balance in anyway; this has been my firmest intention from the onset of this mod. The logpiles for finding firewood are also confined to these adjacent cells. So, to recap, if you are running another mod that modifies cells (-13,6) or (-13,7), you will have compatibility issues. If you are running a mod that affects cells (-12,5) (-12,6) (-12,7) (-13,5) (-14,5) (-14,6) or (-14,7) you MIGHT have compatibility issues.

INTERIOR CELLS - This mod adds two interior cells, the shack interior and the shack basement. All containers in both cells including the wood bin (and the toolshed, accessed from the exterior of the shack) are safe for storing items. All containers, save two, are empty. The exceptions are the wood bin, in which you'll find a few pieces of firewood to get you started, and a barrel in the basement that contains some hoods, including a reskin called Waldnir's Hood, for your hunter to wear. The place is actually relatively bare inside, but this is intended, as decorating is a matter of personal preference and should reflect your character, not mine. All of the objects in the interior are either stock references or new forms, so there shouldn't be any compatibility issues here at all.


INSTALLATION - Extract the contents of the ".zip" file to your Oblivion folder. When launching Oblivion, select "Data Files" from the launch menu and and click on the box next to "FF_WaldnirsWoods.esp" to put an "X" in it. Click "OK". Click "Play" and enjoy!

USAGE - Please contact me if you intend to incorporate all or part of this mod into your own mod release. I'm sure there won't be an issue, but I'd like to know if my work is being used elsewhere. Thanks!

CONTACT INFO - You can contact me via e-mail at: [email protected]

Please include "Waldnir's Woods" in the subject line. I will not open ANY forwarded e-mails or ANY e-mail that contains an attachment, unless I'm expecting it.

FUTURE PLANS - I'm always tweaking and adding things to my own copy of this mod. If I add enough additional content to warrant re-release I will do so. Any such future releases will strictly be upgrades and will be fully compatible with this release. If you have an idea for something you think would fit the theme of this mod, by all means, please share it with me. If I use your idea, I will credit you accordingly.

Version History -


- Fixed door hinges not displaying in-game; issue tracked down

- Fixed clipping issue with mushroom planters

- Repositioned flame in fireplace

- Added Hircine's Blessing spell to Hircine statuette

- Removed two inadvertent changes to stock Oblivion items

- Reorganized .nif files and textures into "FFWW" folders

- Packaged FF_HorseWhistle as optional mod

v1.01 Fixed door hinge textures missing in-game

v1.0 Initial release