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TERRAN VAMPIRES v1.4 (beta) By Zorak Ramone NEW VERSION (v1.4) 8-19-07 Discussion Thread: Here The file on TESSource is a .7z file. Here are some programs that can unpack .7z files: WinRAR (this is a very user friendly program, tha

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By Zorak Ramone

NEW VERSION (v1.4) 8-19-07

Discussion Thread: Here

The file on TESSource is a .7z file. Here are some programs that can unpack .7z files:
WinRAR (this is a very user friendly program, that I highly recommend)
7Zip (this is what I used to pack the .7z files)

This is a vampire mod inspired by White Wolf’s Vampire the Masquerade game. In addition, one of my goals here was to create a vampire system more true to traditional vampires.

-A completely new vampire system independent of the built in vampire system of Oblivion
-A wide array of upgradeable powers including mind control, shape shifting, cloaking, blood magic, enhanced physical attributes, and more
-A quest-based system for transformation into a vampire, involving several vampire NPCs
-Thralls who provide services late at night, and who also help you with quests that would otherwise require you to be out during the daytime
-New vampire enemies using the new vampire system

-NEW CONTENT: Added “Blood Stamina” base vampire skill. This power removed the effects of weight of the sun and prevents those effects from recurring for its duration. See manual for details.
-NEW CONTENT: Added council vampires to Bruma, and finished the Dracul castle outside of bruma.
-NEW CONTENT: Added weapon construct power for SA4
-Fixed MF1 and MF2 to check for blood power levels correctly
-Fixed MF31 (acid blood) to remove/add back MF33 (blood is life) appropriately
-Fixed MF42 bat swarm: slots on clothing added to remove player armor now have the correct slots selected (fixes intermittent crashes)
-Fixed MD2 “feeling sleepy” so that it doesn’t knock NPCs out permanently
-Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when offensive blood drain was used on a container.
-Fixed a bug that caused odd behavior when covert blood drain killed the target
-Fixed the undead-only version of MD5 (obtained with MD5 and NR1) to be removed and added back correctly on blood drain/gain
-Fixed numerous toggled-on skills to appropriately remove skills/check for frenzy when they drain blood, including the following: MF1, MF2, MF3 acid blood, All MF4 transformations, and SA5.
-Fixed a dialog problem with the Recluse representative, causing the player to not get the embrace topic
-Changed daily blood loss script so that the player doesn’t loose blood while in jail to prevent automatic death-by-starvation after a long prison sentence (temporary fix until player thralls and vampire-crime system is implemented)
-Changed daytime torpor system to not affect players using BMN2 and MF52 (stone form)
-Changed offensive blood draining skills: there is one offensive blood draining skill that drains one BP normally, two if dagger fangs are active, and three if abominable form is active.
-Changed offensive blood drain to not drain from creature corpses (prevents the player from gaining blood inappropriately from atronach/elemental corpses, undead corpses, etc.
-Changed cell ownership for the Norvalo house to the vampire council faction and added Gilen/Ralsa to council faction (this allows you to leave the IC public haven the quick way without trespassing).
-Changed reboot vampirism potion to check for presence of base vampirism ability or a quest flag in order to work
-Changed the stone texture/shader for MF5 stoneform to cover the entire body
-Changed the embrace topic for the initiation quest so that it always comes up regardless of whether the representative is in his/her haven
-Added a “quick start” potion that allows the player to instantly transform into a vampire without the quests
-Removed renegade vampires from Rockmilk Cave due to crashing/slowdown issues

-Permanent residences for many civilized vampires, still need to be added (many are under construction).
-Models needed for claws and abominable form (MF1 and MF4). Placeholders used currently.
-People don’t attack you while in abominable form or when not masking Horrifying Appearance (Spook, now Wraith, clan disadvantage)
-Vampire NPCs are currently only burned by the sun. The knockout effect, where they sleep or resist the pull of the sun (?) needs to be added (I’m waiting until permanent residences and crypts for dungeon vampires are added)
-“Masquerade Violations” and a more comprehensive crime system for vampires not implemented

-Permanent residences for all existing vampire NPCs and for new vampire NPCs, and other facilities related to vampire society.
-Crypts for vampires located in dungeons.
-Addition/Improvement of a number of minor quest-based systems including public havens, and creating/using your own thralls.

-Play the mod!
-Report bugs here
-I need modelers for claws and the abominable form. PM me if you're interested.
-Post your suggestions, especially concerning the lore and interiors
-Keep an eye out on the ES forums for opportunities to contribute
-This mod is now, and will be for a while, a work in progress. Please be patient :(