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JM Scion

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JM Scion

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JM\'s Bar Fights V.2.2 by JM Scion ----------------------- This is my ABSOLUTE VERY FIRST MOD OF ALL TIME EVER! An argonian mage and a dunmer priest walk into a bar with a goblin head between one arm and 10 pounds of boar meat in the other. Everybody starts fighting. Good joke? It will be when you see it. The fight part, I mean.

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JM's Bar Fights V.2.2
by JM Scion

An argonian mage and a dunmer priest walk into a bar with a goblin head between one arm and 10 pounds of boar meat in the other. Everybody starts fighting. Sound funny? It will when you see it. The fight part, I mean. That's right, you can now be involved in bar fights all over Cyrodiil! Take down drunkards left and right or sit back and watch the hilarity unfold as these bozos swing at eachother with whatever they find on their tables.

This mod makes bar fights more realistic, unique, and fun by having NPCs fight with whatever they can get their hands on. Bottles, knives, spoons, even corn and stale bread can now be picked up and used as weapons! Anything can happen in these taverns and no brawl will be the same fight twice!
This is done by replacing specific items with weapons using slightly changed meshes. This does not universally turn all bottles in the game into undrinkable weapons, and even in these tavern cells the original consumables can be bought from the bartender.

In addition to about 20 new weapons, each affected tavern cell contains a single spell scroll that both sends NPCs on a drunken frenzy and breaks their current weapons so that they must rely on smacking eachother around with beer. This Scroll of Drunken Asswhooping can usually be found at the bartender's counter.

Bar Fights now lets you choose the level of chaos you want to unfold. You can either have Deadbeats that are marked essential so the fights go on as long as you want them to, or you can go with Deadbeats that can die before things get out of hand.

-Replaces beers, wines, bread, corn, knives, and spoons in major taverns with 17 new weapons using slightly altered meshes.

-Affects nearly every tavern and inn in Cyrodiil's walled cities.

-Adds loads of new NPCs that hang around taverns, waiting for the next fight to break out. Thanks to Almarc for the idea.

-Fights that can either start randomly when two NPCs who don't like eachother meet, or triggered by the player by throwing the first punch, persuading NPCs to low dispositions, using the Scroll of Drunken Asswhooping, etc.

-Makes certain bars rougher than others. The Bloated Float finally lives up to its reputation!

-Uses Laurinque's Better Beer Bottles mod.

-Adds a new tavern for Dremora south of Kvatch, "The Beer Feast". Newbies be warned, this is the part of town your momma always warned you about.

-Contains two esps, the default contains essential NPCs for everlasting bar fights, the "mortal" esp has deadbeats that can die and will respawn at a later time.


This mod works as any other mod. Unzip the textures, meshes, and esp file into your data directory. Activate the mod through the DATA FILES button at the Oblivion startup screen.

If you are updating from an old version of Barfights predating 2.0, be sure to remove the original meshes that were used in the Clutter folder.

This mod contains two ESPs, "JM's Bar Fights" and "JM's Bar Fights mortal". The first mod is the default setting in which all new NPCs are essential and can't die. Activate this mod if you aren't taking your game that seriously and want to watch huge hectic fights unfold for as long as you want. The "Mortal" version makes all new NPCs mortal and respawnable. This is recommended for those playing a serious game or those who want a more realistic experience. DO NOT load both mods at the same time.

NO PSYCHIC GUARDS - http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/ View.php?view=OblivionMods.Detail& id=129
Not required to run this mod, but required to fully enjoy it. It prevents guards from instantly running into the bar and putting an end to fights before they get good. Of course, you might also like watching drunkards get torn up by the cops.

LONGER KNOCKOUT - http://www.elderscrolls.com/forums/index.php?s=3dd243d4839cceb3058405eacf4b1578&showtopic=548493&st=40
The deadbeats are immortal in order to keep fights going as long as you want. This mod is a good call if you want realism over action as it keeps them down a lot longer. If you want wild overblown fights, you don't need it.

INEBRIATION MOD - I haven't been able to find this one but I know it's out there. Supposedly messes with your vision when you drink, so you actually get the feel of being in a drunken brawl.


- Meshes have been corrected and are now held right. However, once in a while the new weapons will revert to their old meshes, resulting in them going through hands. This seems to happen when you hold a weapon that wasn't originally placed in that cell (i.e. taking corn from one tavern into another tavern that has no corn) This might be due to the odd way that the Construction set saves plugins.

- The new weapons do NOT have inventory icons yet. I just cannot find them among the endless list of BSA textures.

- As a side effect of a major step I had to take to save this version from a fatal glitch, several items may have duplicates.