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A mod that changes Guard behavior in-game.

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NOTE: If you run into a bug on this mod, please post about it (and follow the directions!) that are contained in the Official Thread. Simply telling me the mod is broken / how it is broken is not helpful to me.

Official forum thread: here.

This mod changes the Guard behavior by modifying how Guards react to player crimes. If you attack a guard, only that Guard will defend himself (no other Guards will attack unless they see the fighting). If you manage to outrun the Guards, they will no longer chase you to the ends of Tamriel. If you are sent to jail, the guards will kill you rather than trying to put you back into your cell if you escape.

If you manage to kill all the Guards that witnessed your crime, that crime gold will be removed.

If a Guard notices that you are sneaking around, they will follow you closely until you stop sneaking around.

Each city now has its own crime gold - meaning that if you attack someone in Chorrol, the guards in Cheydinhal will not attack you because they do not know about the crime in Chorrol.

Different crimes will be remembered for different amounts of time (typically anywhere from one game day for stealing to seven game days for murder). These values can be changed by equipping the RGO Config token, located in the Misc Items part of the inventory, and clicking on it. The Configuration Menu supports multiple languages – you can easily select a different language by clicking on 'General Settings -> Language' and choosing which language you prefer. Some languages are not yet supported, even though they are in the menu.

If you hurt a guard badly enough, and there are no other guards to back him up, he will flee from you to avoid being killed.

You are also able to bribe Guards to leave their posts. Say you want to rob a store, but there is a Guard sitting right outside. Just bribe him, and he will wander off. If he sees you committing a crime, though, he will still come after you.

Guards will now arrest NPCs if the NPC has committed a crime and cannot pay their crime gold. The NPC will be escorted to the nearest prison and incarcerated for a period of days depending upon the severity of their crime. If an NPC has the gold to pay for a crime, they will simply pay the fee and not go to jail.

Please note: This mod is NOT compatible with my Disguises mod.

Though I have tested this mod in several of my own saved games, running this mod could cause your save games to be corrupted, it could crash Oblivion, etc. If it breaks your game... send me a bug report!

Latest Changes:
- Fixed cell door issues by identifying the real issue.
- Fixed error messages popping up during tutorial.
- Added back in all the various Spell Compatibility spells for the AOE cast.
- Various other fixes I probably forgot about.
1. Fixed cell door lock issues.
2. Fixed crime-gold not being removed from outside cities when visiting Doyan.
3. Added Chinese translation from dantebelmondo (and added back in Spanish, Russian, Japanese translations, though these are old).
4. Removed some spammy messages from the RGODebugFile output.
5. Added in a "quest tracker" which will check to see if the main quest scripts are running.
6. Fixed issue with Guard Following not working in the Configuration Menu.
7. Added German translation from Wetterfrosch.
8. Fixed issues when running the mod without the SI mod.

If you experience any issues with RGO, here is a wonderful method for helping me diagnose the problem:
1. Run OBSE and Pluggy alongside RGO.
2. If you encounter a problem, go to the RGO forum thread.
3. Post a copy of the RGODebugFile.txt that is located in your My Games\Oblivion\Pluggy\User Files\RGODebug folder.