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Added: 04/08/2006 - 04:38AM
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Last updated at 23:46, 7 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 4:38, 4 Aug 2006

This is a great house mod for anyone who would like a neat, clean house that honors the feel of other in-game homes for their character. If you have a new character it will grow with your character very well, but should still be a cozy home for the advanced character too. There is display space for the well deserved bounty, containers for the required loot, and generally the clutter and furnature that promotes "roleplay-ability".

Just travel the road to Cheydinhal and you'll find its stables along the side of a pond.

I developed this mod after I found that a lot of house mods had one, two or all of these faults: no attempt at a story behind them; designed for high level characters with lots of stuff & money; and/or they were very crowded due to all of the display areas. When creating this mod I kept these things in mind: There is a small story behind the house that is explained in the game. However, I did not try to make it complex, since this is a house mod and not a quest mod. I have tried to design a house good for all levels of characters, unless a massive amount of space is needed. There should be space as long as your character is not collecting one of everything in the game. Lastly, I have tried to leave decent pathways throughout the mod so that the character can explore it without bumping everything off of the furnature.

For both the new and advanced character the house can assist with alchemy, enchanting & spellmaking without being excessive. If the clutter and furnature that honors an origional game house feel is too cluttered, simply collect it all up and sell it; then use the space to display or store more of your stuff.