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This plugin adds a new theme house deep in the Jerall mountains. It is a large warrior's keep, complete with four towers housing a kitchen, a library, storage, and guards quarters, a great hall, a basement for training, a vault, a large living quarters, some smaller servant's quarters, a dungeon, a REAL dungeon, and many, many, many secrets.

To get to the Keep, just head west out of Bruma. It should show up on your map as you get closer. You'll also notice the extensive pathway leading up; make sure you bring some water for the climb! Once you find it, you'll be able to fast travel there.

The previous lord of Goblinwatch Keep has recently died, along with many of his soldiers, in an epic battle against many goblins. As has always happened when the Goblinwatch Lord falls, his sword has been magically sealed in an anvil; only the one with the proper strength and intelligence, the two most important attributes for a Lord of Goblinwatch Keep to possess, will be able to pull the sword and claim the Keep as their own.

As mentioned earlier, there are many, many secrets throughout the Keep. These include hidden weapons, armor, gems, and books, all yours for the taking, if you can find them. There is also an extensive tunnel and adventure awaiting the exploring soul.

The Readme includes a list of things you might come across during your tenure as Lord of Goblinwatch Keep.