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Adds Mages Guild Couriers who deliver supplies to the local guild halls in Cyrodiil.

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This mod was requested a while back by kallekukhuve. I finally decided to do it.

So, here's what's what. The Mages Guild is supposed to be a very structured, very organized Guild. But in game, the most we ever see is a Council of Mages and an Arch-Mage. That's it. Well, after hearing a request made by kallekukhuve, I realized another thing, we don't even have proper infrastructure for the guild. Like, no one is resupplying the guild halls from the Arcane University. No is traveling to and fro to deliver said supplies either. That changes now.

What this mod does is adds in a Courier for each city who travels between The Arcane University and the local Mages Guild Hall. Loaded with supplies and protected by a Knight of The Lamp. They will respawn a little while after being killed, so no worries about them vanishing from the game. This is also great for bandit roleplay, as if you can learn the routes they take, you might be able to set up ambushes to steal the supplies. The Bruma Courier will despawn, alongside their Knight of The Lamp, after a certain in game quest has been started.


kallekukhuve - Requesting this mod