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Small Birthsign overhaul, meant to rebalance the different birthsigns while also removing all lesser powers and making all their effects purely passive. Inspiration for many changes has been drawn from the Birthsigns of Morrowind.

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All Birthsigns have been changed to some extent; most of them have been buffed.

Here is the full list of changes:
The Apprentice:
-Increases Magicka by 120 points
-Gives a 50% weakness to magic
Just tweaked some numbers to make it more competitive.
The Lady:
-Increases Personality by 20 points
-Increases Endurance by 20 points
This brings the sign more in line with its Morrowind version.
The Mage:
-Increases Magicka by 50 points
-Increases Willpower by 20 points
Willpower shouldn’t be too much of a buff, so this will remain the low risk, low reward birthsign for mages.
The Thief:
-Increases Speed by 10 points
-Increases Luck by 15 points
-Increases Sneak by 30 points
I think sneak makes a lot more sense than agility for the thief.
The Atronach:
-Stunted Magicka
-Increases Magicka by 100 points
.Gains 30% spell absorption
The Atronach is the strongest birthsign in the game in my opinion, so a nerf seems appropriate. Reducing the spell absorption in particular should make reaching a 100% absorb chance much harder.
The Lord:
-Regenerates 2 Health per second passively
-Gives a 100% weakness to fire
Honestly, this sign could be chronically under- or overpowered, I have no idea. Constant regen is pretty powerful, especially on lower levels, but a fire weakness can be crippling unless you ignore the main quest completely.
The Lover:
-Increases Agility by 20 points
-Grants 100% Paralysis Resistance
Paralysis isn’t exactly common in Oblivion, so I think complete immunity isn’t too big of a deal.
The Ritual:
-Increases Intelligence by 20 points
-Increases Conjuration by 30 points
Allows for earlier access to more powerful summons, both by increasing your conjuration skill and your magicka pool.
The Serpent:
-Increases Agility by 13 points
-Increases Speed by 13 points
-Drains Luck by 13 points
-Increases Alchemy by 20 points
-Grants 50% Poison Resistance
I kinda struggled with this one a little bit, since removing all powers from birthsigns basically removes the serpent's entire identity. I settled on these odd stat increases and decreases, but I’m not entirely sure if there isn’t a better option.
The Shadow:
-Grants 30% Chameleon
Probably more powerful than an invisibility power could ever be.
The Steed:
-Increases Speed by 20 points
-Regenerates 4 Fatigue per second passively
Gives the steed sign a niche beyond pure convenience (kind of).
The Tower:
-Increases Security by 30 points
-Grants 20% Damage Reflection
I hope 20% isn’t too much, but considering how useful most other signs can be in the earlygame, giving the tower a way to scale well into the lategame seems fine.
The Warrior:
-Increases Blade, Blunt, Marksman and Hand to Hand by 25 points
There is no way to imitate its Morrowind version for obvious reasons, but this comes rather close; and I think it’s justified to make the warrior sign purely offensive in nature.

Made using the Creation Set Extended and TES4edit.