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Allows you to give Cutter twelve Madness Ore to make a ring that will give you infinite leveled Madness Arrows.

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Inspired by crysist's Infinite Arrows mod and is meant to be a companion to it for the Shivering Isles DLC. Oblivion's archery is pretty weak, and lugging around hundreds of arrows can be cumbersome. crysist's mod is fantastic and addresses this issue well, but it only includes vanilla arrows, which don't really match the aesthetic of the Madness Bow. This mod is compatible with Infinite Arrows and adds a similar ring that grants leveled Madness Arrows from Shivering Isles. This ring can be obtained from Cutter in Crucible in exchange for twelve Madness Ore. Just ask her about Madness Ore, then about Ring of Arrows. I know twelve Madness Ore is pretty steep, but it is a powerful object. Twelve ore is the equivalent cost of 300 arrows, and I myself don't take very long to go through that many. 

- I don't plan to include a ring for Amber Arrows any time soon, but feel free to use my mod as a baseline to do so yourself. 
- I did not add any voice files for the new dialogue. If you want to make sure you have time to read the few added lines of dialogue, use OBSE -Elys-Universal Silent Voice. That mod adds 8-second silent voice files for any dialogue that doesn't have a proper voice file attached. A nice addition, but not required. 

Requires the Shivering Isles DLC. 

Just extract the .esp into your Data folder for Oblivion and activate in the launcher (or your mod manager of choice). 

Just deactivate the plugin and remove the .esp from your directory.