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Adds beards to all males without tails. The player's beard will grow.

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Zimtar's Growing Beards v1.0


Zimtar's Growing Beards adds beards to the game.

This mod adds beards to the game.

* Only males without tails can have beards.
* There are 9 beard styles from clean shaven to large beard.
* There are 5 colors: black, blonde, brown, grey, and red.
* The main character's beard will grow over time.

* NPC beards do not grow. It's assumed they maintain them as is.
* Talk with NPCs about their beards, and if they like you, you can get them to change it.
* Changes to NPC beards will happen next time the area loads.

* Razors allow you to trim your beard.
* Dyes allow you to change colors.
* Dyes will wear off when your beard grows, or after a set time with a Large Beard.
* There are potions for permanent dyes that won't wear off.
* There are special potions for fast growth, stop growth, and resume growth.
* A barber shop is added to the world.

* Beard growth rate depends on the type of beard and rates can be customized in the ini file.
* When starting a new game, you can choose your beard color, but will start with a Large Beard.
* When loading a game more than 2 game days old, you can choose both a color and style.

Beard Sytles:

Clean Shaven
Soul Patch
Slim Goatee
Moustache and Slim Goatee/Half Goatee
Full Goatee
Full Beard
Long Beard
Large Beard

Known Issues:

The Match Hair Color option when starting is only approximate. You'll have 10 seconds to decide if you like the color before getting to affirm or choose another color. The color labels are common usage. Better descriptions might be:

Black = Black or Charcoal
Blonde = Light Brown or Beige (Satin Blonde seems closest in-game)
Brown = Dark Brown
Grey = Grey-white
Red = Medium Brown, Auburn, or Russet

Razors and other beard items are added to the world with scripts. No leveled lists are changed. However, these items will only appear in cells with male NPCs that can have beards.

If you change the main character's sex to female, any beard you have will remain, but you will not be able to shave or change it in any way. The same is true if the main character becomes one of the beast races, except they will also have no tail. I might fix this in the future, but it would require a script to constantly check to see if sex or race has changed, and this seems like a lot of overhead for an edge case.


Unzip the 7z archive into your Data folder and activate the esp.


OBSE (created and tested with 0021, but might work with earlier versions)


No known conflicts. Any mod that overhauls the Imperial City Waterfront might create an issue with the Barber shop. Any mod that puts things in the tail slots of characters will create problems.

Credits: The beard meshes and textures were obtained from the Equipable Beards mod by taylorsd, in which "All credits go to Joel Huenink (a.k.a. madmole) for the original beard Meshes". I had to create 3 more meshes to complete the full set of beards in all 5 colors.