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The mod overhauls vanilla quest map markers making them more immersive

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Immersive Quest Marker Overhaul
This mods aims to bring Skyrim's mod naming innovations to the Oblivion modding scene in effort to maximize d...

- a typical Morrowind fan complaining about the Oblivion quest system on Reddit

This perspective is not devoid of sense. It is somewhat unimmersive and detrimential to roleplaying for the player character to have clairvoyant ability to see a quest item in a cave on the other side of Tamriel. That said, the quest marker system can be helpful and saves the player from a lot of frustration. Searching for Radiant AI-driven NPCs or hovering over every map marker on the map is not THAT fun. The issue is that the current available options are either to keep all quest markers (helpful for speedruning quests with ~movetoqt) or to have no markers at all.

This mod tries to strike a balance. It removes some of the quest markers only when it makes sense, both in terms of common sense and gameplay. Some markers have been tweaked to remain helpful without breaking immersion. Almost every vanilla quest has been reworked.


How quest markers work now?

  • If you need to find an item or kill something in a cave or dungeon, the quest marker will show the location of the dungeon but will not point to the item or enemy directly; the quest marker will not be shown inside the dungeon.
  • For finding items in houses and other public areas, the quest marker will guide you to the building but not the exact item position. Exceptions: when the stuff you need to find is too generic, like a specific desk you need to place an item in which is not really different from other containers in the location
  • If a quest requires you to investigate an area or find something in the worldspace, the marker will show an approximate location and will disappear when you are within the search area.
  • For quests where the exact target location is unknown (e.g., finding a cave on a river shore and a map marker is not given), the marker will be in an area close to your destination.
  • Markers will generally show the location of quest givers or NPCs in town if it is implied that their current location is known to the player and is not a secret. This avoids the annoyance of searching for NPCs following their daily schedules or hovering over cell names in the local map.
  • If you have to find an NPC but it is implied that you don't know their exact location, frequent locations where the NPC can be found might be shown for some quests.

UOP and USIP are hard requirements. 🦎

Compatibility and I. The mod touches most vanilla quest records, meaning it may conflict with many mods. It is recommended to load the mod as early as possible, just after the unofficial patches in your LO, to ensure important changes from other mods are not overwritten (unless you prioritize quest marker changes). There are patches provided for some popular mods, but obviously not every one is covered, so in some cases you won't see the intended quest marker changes.

For experienced users: this kind of conflict is easy to resolve with TES4Edit. In most cases, it is sufficient to copy the quest record from the latest mod touching the quest record and forward changes to the quest targets from the mod.