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A DLC sized adventure Quest

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Journey to the Centre of Nirn

"Look not to the Heavens but to the ground beneath your feet
For there the Gods have sown the makings of deceipt"

Follow in the steps of a famous explorer as you follow the clues to the location of a long lost city.
Travel through vast magma chambers and dark caverns solving puzzles, riddles and intriguing mazes before finally discovering the fate of a lost Ayleid city.

About this mod.

I took 2 years out from the nexus to develop this huge mod based on Jules Vernes famous story which has always entranced me. There are distinct parallels with his story and of course being a fantasy game, I have added much more.
There are over 80 locations and I wrote over 100 scripts for it in order that it is not just a pure cave trawl. 
It contains models by other creators of content that I will mention here..

Syscrusher (collision boxes)

And a couple of others whom I cannot find info on but am more than willing to credit if they find their work contained within this mod.


Easy Peasy, everything needed is contained in a BSA coupled with an esp file.
Just extract the zipped file into your data folder and maybe register the BSA although on my test PC this proved unecassary. 

The bowells of Nirn are unforgiving. One false step can lead to your demise. Tread carefully!
There will be on screen clues to guide you  as and when but no journal entries, I felt that maybe you wouldnt be writing in near pitch black surroundings anyway, oh yes. You will need light sources and you will find these along the way. There are very few false light sources in the caves and caverns, in fact in most places if you extinguish your lantern or torch you will not see anything. This is most deliberate of me, even with a torch you will only see a few feet. I guarantee you will be referencing the local map to find your way...
Of course everyone has their own preferences but in order to experience the mod as it was intended for immersion I would suggest that you..

Disable Borders

The journey requires access to a location normally off the map.

Turn the in game music off

the mod has its own sound fx and atmospheric background music

Not vital but I suggest setting your field of view to 60-70 for realism. Default makes everything appear so distant.

Use a water replacer 

such as provided by Oblivion Reloaded, there will be times when exits etc may be obscured other wise although on test it was not a problem for me.

Keep the effects sound volume high

 it really does enhance the experience.

Do not toggle god mode

You will be cheating yourself and missing the reason some things are intentionally difficult.
There will be potions located through out to help you recover your strength.

Explore everything

There are numerous easter eggs and references placed, some to lighten the mood (including a 1980s C64 game that my dad liked.)
Dont always run

Sometimes you will have to run but walking when you can will add to the immersive experience.

Be prepared!

You may find that not being diligent at the start may have repercussions on the way such as taking a decent weapon for protection and maybe some repair hammers etc.

Starting the Adventure

To begin, visit the Merchants inn in the Market district.
on aproaching the barman you will hear a rumour.
There is also a clue on the wall.


To my game testers for their patience concerning my constant reworking of things.

I hope you all get as much pleasure out of this mod as I did creating it.
It has been a blast!