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This mod adds a small quest and a unique Lion companion that follows you and fights for you.

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In the middle of the Great Forest, across from one of the ancient Wayshrines of old, a statue of Kyne holds a dormant power. It is up to you to find this power and rekindle the unity between Man and Nature as Kyne's Champion.

This mod adds a simple yet highly flavored companion to your world called Nemia, a maned lion who will fight you for and grow in power as you do. Nemia can breath underwater, can swim, and has strong yet balanced magical abilities that put him ahead of a regular lion.

This mod also includes an additonal ESP that requires Knights of the Nine, Revelations. It provides an upgraded version of Nemia named Rhea


Drag and drop files into your install folder, or install with Wyre Bash.


Thank you to Zella for her mod, Sym - Royal Redguard Battle Lion, which inspired this mod.

Thank you to Lanceor for inspiring me to make mods and creating Knights of the Nine Revelations.

Thank you to Waalx for his Lion models and to Rung for applying the model to the regular Mountain Lion mesh.

Thank you to the CSE team for making the most crash-inclined software slightly less crash-inclined.

Thank you to... the Lizard.