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Replaces the title screen with a new more modern appearance while sticking to the games original aesthetic, (We know).

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Revamped Title HD does exactly what it says - - makes the title screen new and HD, while sticking to the games aesthetic.

This mod also changes the intro studio videos to ones used in their modern games. Also... we know.....


This mod Is intended to be used along side DarNified UI

in not doing so the title screen will not display right (have two titles or other possible glitches)

Please Install it first before installing Revamped Title HD

How to install :

1. Copy the Data folder into your oblivion directory.

2. If asked to overwrite file - - hit accept

3. Done! Launch and make sure it is properly working.

If there are any issues please reach out on this mods posts page

Optional Music :

This mod replaces the main menu music with a fan song, Eternal Renewal by Improbable Cadence. You can find it here


Or find it in this Mod pack on Nexus:


If you prefer the original opening music or if you already have a custom song you would like to keep :

delete the "music" folder located in "data" BEFORE you copy it over to your Oblivion directory.

Potential Incompatibilities :

Any mod that makes changes to the title screen may not be compatible.

if you find one, please let me know in the posts section of this page.

Creators Note :

It is worth noting I had nothing to do with the creation of

DarNified UI, and Eternal Renewal, nor do I take credit for

either of them. Thank you to those creators for making

such wonderful mods for one of the best role playing

games in existence. I have no experience in coding, but I

do have photoshop and video knowledge and wanted to

contribute to the game in some way, even if its just a

simple mod like this.

I hope you enjoy! :)