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For those who have trouble finding things. Finder's Luck is a spell that reveals doors, containers, keys, levers and other useful things around you. Configurable with an INI.

Permissions and credits
Now, where did I put the car keys..?

No, it won't help you find those. But it will highlight various items in the Oblivion game based on your selection in the configuration file. Highlights come in different colours to help you identify object type.

The following types of objects can be highlighted:

  • Doors and ladders
  • Keys
  • Containers
  • Activators (levers, switches, etc.)
  • Books and scrolls
  • Alchemical apparata
  • Ingredients and food
  • Potions or poisons, wine, ale, beer
  • Soul gems
  • Sigil stones
  • Miscellaneous items (forks, plates, goblets, skulls, etc.)
  • Clothing and jewellery
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Arrows

With version 2.0 you receive a Finder's Coin - a miscellaneous item that takes you to the Finder's Hall and back to your original location. In the Finder's Hall you will find advanced configuration and additional spells.

The original spell is still preserved, and it is still configured through the INI for those people who dislike carrying around miscellaneous items for no reason and don't want complications.

This mod is also a free resource, but please give me credit for the original idea.

This mod requires OBSE.