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Patches some critical bugs in the Blade of the Haunted mod.

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This patch attempts to fix various bugs reported in the Blade of the Haunted comment section and/or encountered by me in my playthrough.

List of bugs fixed:

The player is not teleported to the Nightmare/Dreamworld when sleeping. Caused by NULL references in the player's inventory which crash the vanilla GetEquipped function. Proper checks have been added to prevent the issue.

Random CTDs when teleporting to the Nightmare/Dreamworld with Faster Sleep Wait installed. Well, we don't know if FSW directly causes the issue or just exacerbates an existing issue. BotH teleports the player and does some related things (such as removing the inventory) while player is not awake, potentially messing up some AI/world processing during sleep. The fix delays the teleportation till the character is technically awake (the only difference for the player is that the player will see a few frames of the bed before the load screen kicks in).

Bothiel dialogue bug. Certain dialogues (Bothiel and some other NPCs who send you to the Arcane University/Bothiel) are conditional on the BoT.bladeInInventory variable. It is supposed to be updated when the blade is added to the inventory. For some reason, the OnAdd event is not always fired when the blade is readded after returning from the Nightmare so the variable is not correctly updated. Additional checks are added to the quest script for redundancy.

Wells in the Nightmare do not work when OBME is enabled.
For unknown reasons (not mentioned in docs, so I consider this an OBME bug), OBME allows magicka to go into the negative territory, blocking the casting of the protection spell. Now the magicka is reset to 0 when the wells are used.

Essence of Dreaming applied to the Blade is not detected if something (like Bashed Patch) changes the name of the Essence. The mod now checks that the correct poison is used by directly comparing the base item references, rather than comparing the names.

jaime74 - for the development of the original mod
xenogearslucas - for pointing out the teleportation bug which prompted me to actually fix something. Also don't forget to download his AI voiceover for the mod.