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This mod adds a new, non replacer set of armor to the game; the Scorpio Armor from the Saint Seiya universe.
After installing the mod, the next time the game is loaded and the player gets to an exterior cell you'll receive a quest-like notification and the Armor will be added to the player's inventory.

Permissions and credits
You will receive 4 items: 

- Scorpio Gold Armor 
- Scorpio Gold Helmet
- Scorpio Cape 
- Scorpio Hair 

I got the original armor model from Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2720183 uploaded by Ero_SS in 2017, so big shout out to him.
I believe it's a rip from the Saint Seiya Soldier's Soul game, and there are some details missing (some of the decorative stylish forms and lines on the armor surface) which were probably added into that game via a normal map we don't have.
Other than that, I worked the model to make it a wearable armor for Oblivion and made new UV's. Included normals are just empty with no details, just for the texture to show up.

The Armor itself includes the full suit but the helmet and takes the Upperbody, Lowerbody, Hand and Foot spaces. Armor rating is of 70.
Right hand includes the Scarlet Needle in the index finger.
The Helmet has an armor rating of 30. They are not enchanted. Given that it has a big open space on the top, I didn't want the helmet to use the hair space cause your bald head would be very visible, so I have set it to use the Amulet space and your hair is in place now. Different styles of hair may clip more or less with the helmet.
I've included the hair of the scorpio gold saint, Milo. This wig uses the hair space, and you can use it with the helmet.
The Cape is a custom made using MOO's capes and cloaks as stencil, so kudos to him. Uses the Tail space. Given the long hair and the helmet tail itself, it wasn't easy to accomodate the cape in a reasonable way and not have the legs/body/hair/etc clipping into it. I reckon it could be better, but it's good enough.

The Armor and Helmet are very shiny and resemble reflections very well using the EnvMap2 NiMaterialProperty with dark specular and emissive colors and the NiTexturingProperty set to Apply_Hilight technique achieved following this tutorial: https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Reflective_metal so thanks to Vagabond Angel and Jerros for it and credit goes to them.

Use Vortex or download manually and extract inside your Oblivion Data folder. Click Yes if asked to merge. Activate the mod in your mod launcher.

Bugs and compatibility:
No bugs that I'm aware of, and should be compatible with anything.

Wish list:
A bigger mod, in which you get teleported to a new cell with the 12 Gold Saint Temples and you fight each Gold Saint until you claim 1 armor of your chosing, among the 12 zodiac signs.

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