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Lore friendly 1024x2048 res retexture for the Oblivion Oghma Infinium to match my Skyrim (LE/SE) versions

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Lore friendly 1024x2048 res textures (diffuse and normal) for the Oghma Infinium to match my Skyrim verions (LE/SE) pictures are taken in Nifskope so my images don't do the textures justice, so I recommend to try it out for yourself and decide if you like it (and the Skyrim versions if you them and have Skyrim)

Hadn't come across any textures for this on Oblivion and like uniform across my games so it made sense to do aversion for Oblivion that I feel is better than vanilla's  low res tome (I hope)

I've tried to make these as lore friendly as possibly but still fitting the background of the Oghma Infinium and Hermaeus Mora. I have added skins for the main races and some no longer common races from TES lore (such as Falmer and Kothringi or at least how I've imagined them) despite the artifact being very old i've included Dunmer because I feel at some point the Oghma Infinium would've regenerated and added Dunmer skin.

I know my textures aren't the very best (hence the name of all my texture mods) I won't say these are the best even as my skills improve because I don't want to over promise and under deliver) but I am trying to improve and I feel like I am slowly improving. I also take requests for overlooked items to help me improve my skills and to help give new textures to overlooked items.

I may at a later date do an icon for this if Oblivion has icons for the Oghma Inifnium (I almost never got the book in runs I did int he late 00s-10s so I don't recall) textures to match these.

Should be compatible with everything that doesn't retexture these (or replace the daoghmainfinium mesh with one that differs from the original) as they're just textures

-Mod Managers
I don't use mod managers for most Bethesda games so I don't know if the folders are set up correctly for these

Drag and drop the contents of this mods Data folder into your Oblivion Data folder

-Mod Managers
Disable/remove in your preferred Mod Manager 

Remove textures>clutter>books>daoghmainfinium and textures>clutter>books>daoghmainfinium_n from your Oblivion Data folder

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