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Makes Nerussa use her actual bed in her room rather than sleeping on the floor.

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Today I found out that Nerussa has an actual room right behind her in the Wawnet Inn. (Still can't believe I never went back there to see it.) It has a real bed, (with proper ownership and everything) furnishings, decorations, etc. And yet, she sleeps on the floor behind the counter? Maybe this was so players could find her more easily, but we are no longer 10 years old and are perfectly capable of walking the extra 5 feet to locate her in her actual room.

To this end, Nerussa now sleeps in her real room behind the counter. I've also disabled her bedroll on the floor next to the fire since she's no longer using it.

This mod does not actually edit Nerussa herself, so don't worry about incompatibilities. Bashed Patch mergeable of course.