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Spawns an imp at the players location every ten seconds.

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This mod will spawn hostile imps near the player. Every ten seconds a new imp appears until whichever crashes first, Oblivion's engine or the player's sanity. Or you kill them all. Which is impossible because they will never stop spawning!
Lead an army of imps into your favorite city, distract the town guard with imps, raid shops while the owners are busy fighting imps, or just smack 'em with a big hammer. The possibilities are endless with so many imps!

The mod also removes leveling from the imps and gives them a static level and hitpoints (20 hitpoints to be excact).

It should be noted that this mod uses the placeatme command to spawn imps which causes save game bloat in the long-term. So if you use this mod with a character that you care about make sure to back up your save files first.

This mod has been cleaned with TES4Edit QuickAutoClean.