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Makes 85 more NPCs offer training than previously., nearly doubling the number.
"Trainers of Cyrodiil" book provided on the imperial sewer dock (right as you leave the tutorial) and in the Market district on a box outside of the Feed Bag.
Increased cap on training to 500 per level, so you are not limited to the vanilla 5 per level.

Permissions and credits
Each city of Cyrodiil has many trainers, if you know where to look and who to ask. This one has compiled a comprehensive list, ordered by the Skill
Ida Vlinorman - Imperial City, Elven Gardens District
Quill-Weave - Anvil
Nardhil - Chorrol Stables
Ganredhel - Southeast Cheydinhal
Tsrava - South-central Leyawiin, J'Bari's house
Suurootan - Bruma, Novaroma
Master:Torbern - Aerin's Camp Northeast of Cheydinhal
Felen Relas - Anvil Guild of Mages
S'drassa - Leyawiin Guild of Mages
Falanu Hlaalu - Skingrad, All Things Alchemical
Otius Loran - Chorrol, Chapel of Stendarr
Ogier Georick - Imperial City Market, The Main Ingredient
Eilonwy - Cheydinhal Guild of Mages
Ardaline - Bravil Guild of Mages
Brotch Calus - Bruma, Chapel of Talos
Master:Sinderion - Skingrad, bring Nirnroot.
Deetsan - Cheydinhal Guild of Mages
Dovyn Aren - Imperial City, Elven Garden's District
Vigge the Cautious - Skingrad Guild of Mages
Aryarie - Bravil Guild of Mages
Alves Uvenim - Leyawiin Guild of Mages
Contumeliourus Florius - Chorrol Guild of Mages
Abhuki - Faregyl Inn, South of Pell's Gate on the Red Ring
Athragar - Chorrol Guild of Mages
Raminus Polus - Imperial City, Arcane University
Master:Tooth-in-the-Sea, Niben Bay, North of Bravil. Hold your breath.
Eitar - Leyawiin, The Dividing Line
Tadrose Helas - Bravil, Fighter's Guild
Varel Morvayn - Anvil, Morvayn's Peacemakers
Batul gra-Sharob - Kvatch, Batul's Battle Goods
Tertia Viducia - Cheydinhal, The March Rider
Fjotreid - Bruma, Hammer and Axe
Rasheda - Chorrol, Fire and Steel
Rohssan - Imperial City Market, A Fighting Chance
Master:Gin-Wulm - Imperial City Market, The Best Defense. Hope you're ready for some reading.
Mahei - Leyawiin
Uuras the Shepherd - Skingrad, look for him in the grape orchards.
Athrelor - Kvatch, usually around the town square.
Karinnarre - Bruma, Novaroma
Maiq "the liar" - If he's not crossed into Elswyr or Valenwood, he's likely near Anvil or Leyawiin.
Hauls-Ropes-Faster - Anvil, in the Fo'c'sle or along the Waterfront.
Honditar - Chorrol, frequents the great oak tree.
Rusia Bradus - Anvil, hope you are well-traveled.
Naspia Cosma - Castle Cheydinhal
Right-Wind - Bruma Fighter's Guild
Gaturn gro-Gonk - Chorrol, check the Grey Mare
Urbolg gro-Orkulg - Imperial City Market, Slash and Smash
Rhano - Anvil Fighter's Guild
Sherina - Leyawiin Fighter's Guild
Ah-Malz - Skingrad Fighter's Guild
Master:Alix Lencolia - Faregyl Inn on the Green Road, only cares about your reputation.
Fadus Callidius - Skingrad Fighter's Guild
Huurwen - Anvil Fighter's Guild
Antus Flonius - Leyawiin Fighter's Guild
Ambroise Canne - Southwest Skingrad
Lum gro-Baroth - Chorrol Fighter's Guild
Viator Accius - Imperial City Market, Stonewall Shields
Master:Andragil - Bravil, Hope you're ready for a walloping.
Bugak gro-Bol - Leyawiin, Southern Books
Vigdis - Anvil Fighter's Guild
Boldon - Kvatch, frequents the Arena
Borba gra-Uzgash - Cheydinhal, Borba's Goods and Stores
Skjorta - Bruma, Nordwinds
Azzan - Anvil Fighter's Guild
Christophe Marane - Brina Cross Inn, on the Gold Road
Kurz gro-Baroth - Chorrol, Fighter's Guild
Master:Irene Metrick - Imperial City, Elven Garden's District. Blood for the Blunt God.
Edgar Vautrine - Imperial City Market, Edgar's Discount Spells
Rosentia Gallenus - Leyawiin, listen for the sound of scamps
Fathis Aren - Bravil, in the castle.
Sulinus Vassinus - Skingrad Guild of Mages
Alberic Litte - Chorrol Guild of Mages
Arentus Falvius - Bruma, Chapel of Talos
Orintur - Cheydinhal Guild of Mages
Caranya - Imperial City, Arcane University
Master:Olyn Seran - Shrine of Molag Bal, west of Weye. Be ready to summon a wraith.
Chanel - Chorrol, in the castle
J'skar - Bruma Guild of Mages
Trayvond the Redguard - Cheydinhal Guild of Mages
Calindil - Imperial City Market, Mystic Emporium
Adrienne Berene - Skingrad Guild of Mages
Delphine Jend - Bravil Guild of Mages
Marc Gulitte - Anvil Guild of Mages
Master:Bralsa Andaren - Near a wayshrine of Kynareth, head north when about even between Skingrad and Kvatch; Bring plenty of bear pelts.
Hand to Hand
Nahsi - Bravil Fighter's Guild
Rufrius Vinicius - Anvil Fighter's Guild
Tun-Zeeus - Leyawiin Fighter's Guild
Isa Raman - Bruma, Chapel of Talos
Hamlof Red-Tooth - Imperial City Market, Red Diamond Jewelry
Davela Hlaren - Imperial Bridge Inn, east of the 2nd river crossing on the yellow road.
Ra'qanar - Cheydinhal, in the Castle.
Master:Helvius Cecia - Bruma, be ready for a brawl
Heavy Armor
Brodras - Leyawiin Fighter's Guild
Bumph gra-Gash - Bruma Fighter's Guild
Sten the Ugly - Anvil Fighter's Guild
Vincent Galien - Bravil Fighter's Guild
Sabine Laul - Chorrol Fighter's Guild
Keld of the Isles - Cheydinhal Fighter's Guild
Varnado - Imperial City Market, The Best Defense
Master:Pranal - Roxey in, north on the Red Ring Road, just east of the turn to Bruma. Bring a Silver Pitcher and 4 cups.
Hil the Tall - Cheydinhal's Chapel of Arkay
Jantus Brolus - Bruma, Southwest neighborhood
Valandrus Abor - Skingrad, Chapel of Julianos
Jair - Imperial Waterfront
Carahil - Anvil Guild of Mages
Irlav Jarol - Imperial City, Arcane University
- Leyawiin, either the castle or the Mage's Guild
Master:Martina Floria - Imperial City, Arcane University Chironasium. Bring 10 Welkynd Stones.
Light Armor
Dul gro-Shug - Imperial City, Elven Garden's District, southwest quadrant.
Olfand - Bruma, Nord Winds
Ohtimbar - Cheydinhal Fighter's Guild
Enilroth - Anvil, Morvayn's Peacemakers
Parwen - Skingrad Fighter's Guild
Weedum-Ja - Kvatch
Maro Rufus - Imperial City Market, The Best Defense
Ahdarji - Leyawiin, lives west of the castle
Luciana Galena - Bravil south
Master:J'Bari - Leyawiin, prefers Elven Armor
Edla Dark-Heart - Bruma, lives with Regner
Shameer - Skingrad, check the grape orchards
Daenlin - Bravil, The Archer's Paradox
Delos Fandas- Imperial City Market, The Feed Bag
Pinarus Inventius - Anvil
Reman Broder - Skingrad, Southwest corner
S'kasha - Leyawiin Fighter's Guild
Master:Alawen - Troll Candle Camp, east of Anvil. Bring an Elven Bow
Foroch - Gottshaw Inn, west of Kvatch
Mach-Na - Cheydinhal, Mach-Na's Books
Maenlorn - Anvil Waterfront, The Flowing Bowl
Gunder - Skingrad, Colovian Traders
Nilawen - Bravil, The Fair Deal
Hafid Hollowleg - Bruma, Jerall View Inn
Margarte - Leyawiin, East of the Chapel
Seed-Neeus - Chorrol, Northern Goods and Trade
Sigrid - Kvatch, Goldwine Goods
Master:Palonirya - Imperial City Market, Divine Elegance. Fill your pockets before you see her.
Angalmo - Chorrol Guild of Mages
Druja - Skingrad Guild of Mages
Agata - Leyawiin Guild of Mages
Uurwen - Cheydinhal Guild of Mages
Lyra Rosentia - Bruma
Claudette Perrick - Imperial City Market, The Gilded Carafe
Boderi Farano - Imperial City Arcane University, Mystic Archives
Ita Rienus - Bravil Guild of Mages
Master:Dagail - Leyawiin Guild of Mages. Close shut the jaws of Oblivion
Thaurron - Anvil Guild of Mages
Ilav Dralgoner - Kvatch, Chapel of Akatosh
Kantav Cheynoslin - Leyawiin, Chapel of Zenithar
Orag gra-Bargol - Chorrol, Chapel of Stendarr
Marz - Bravil, Chapel of Mara
Ohtesse - Cheydinhal, Chapel of Arkay
Bothiel - Imperial City, Arcane University
Master:Oleta - Kvatch, Chapel of Akatosh
Malintus Ancrus - Chorrol, Southwest corner
Samuel Bantien - Imperial City, Talos Plaza. Occasionally journeys to Bravil
Luckless Lucina - Cheydinhal
Fetid Jofnhild - Bruma
Jensine - Imperial City Market, Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise
redacted - Anvil, an abandoned house
"Shady Sam" - Imperial City, outside the walls.
Dro'shanji - Bravil
Mandil - Imperial City, Elven Gardens District. Othrelos' house
Master:J'baana - Imperial City Prison, Bring a message from S'Krivva
City-Swimmer - Bravil, Southwest quadrant
Glistel - Chorrol, lives with Malintus Ancrus
Simplicia the Slow - Imperial City Market
Isleif the Open Handed - Imperial City Waterfront
Bruccius the Orphan - Cheydinhal
Jorck the Outcast - Bruma
Advanced:Mirabelle Monet - Anvil Waterfront, lady of the Fo'c's'le
Othrelos - Imperial City, Elven Garden's District, northwest part.
Master:Marana Rian - Imperial City Temple District. Light hands make light work
Alga - Bruma, Honmund's House
Uravasa Othrelas - Bravil, Chapel of Mara
Caenlorn - Anvil Waterfront, The Flowing Bowl
Eyja - Skingrad, Colovian Traders
Tavia - Kvatch
Silana Blandia - Leyawiin, Chapel of Zenithar
Estelle Renoit - Chorrol, Renoit's Books
Phintias - Imperial City Market, First Edition
Gruiand Garrana - Cheydinhal, Chapel of Arkay
Varon Vamori - Bravil
Master:Tandilwe - Imperial City, Temple of the One. Comfort the poor to learn from the master.
 Hopefully, this guide has been as helpful to you as to the one who wrote it.
But seriously I wouldn't remember all of these if not for writing them in this book. Enjoy the mod - Redninjakoopa

Total trainers added: 85 (not counting the 3 versions of [REDACTED])

Some of these trainers may die as part of quest lines, though most are fairly end-game.

Please let me know if there are any trainers that don't work, as while I included the UOP as a dependency, other mods may change NPC scripts and overwrite it.