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Adds a closed iron helmet to the game (non-replacer).

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A closed iron helmet, its design is based on the Morrowind version, it is a non-replacer and co-exists with the vanilla helmet. It has been added to loot lists (levels 3, 5 and 7, approximately 2 levels higher than the base normal and enchanted iron helmets, like my other closed helmets) with enchanted variants as well. Personally, I am a little iffy on the texture, but the vanilla open-face iron helmet doesn't match the vanilla iron set that well either, I may end up going back to tweak the texture a little more at a later date (we'll see), it is however feature complete and as polished as I could make it, so please let me know if there's any issues or bugs. If you want an early-game boost, a non-enchanted one can be found in Vilverin, by the iron cuirass and boots.