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Fixes the glowing Imperial City sign meshes when using Mesh Improvement Project.

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I'm sure a lot of people have seen the Imperial City sign meshes glow after installing Mesh Improvement Project. I always thought they stuck out quite a bit, so I went into Nifskope and saw that the metal part of the mesh emits a brown glow. I don't know if this was intentional so the signs stood out or what, but I removed the color and thought they looked better.

I uploaded some edited sign meshes where I adjusted the UVs so you can't see the metal part in the textures (basically, check the images for what I mean). I thought this looked a lot better with MIP's meshes because they already have metal encasing the sign's textures. Do keep in mind that this all only applies to vanilla-style sign textures; the textures MIP optionally has are quite different and would be zoomed in a bit too much (check screenshots). I recommend VKVII's Imperial City texture mod. Also, the glow fixes are included as well so you only need to download one of the files.

All credits to InsanitySorrow for the original mod and meshes, all I did was change settings in Nifskope for the signs.