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me and kartoffels sittin in a tree also dead47 is here

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makes the plume on the legion helm a nice red instead of the ugly yellow-brown in vanilla. based on upscaled textures by Kartoffels <3

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Retextures the Imperial Legion Horseback Guard Helmet (which, incidentally, is used on all regular city guards, not just horseback guards) to have a red plume instead of the ugly yellowish brown color it is in vanilla, and while I was at it, I made the plume use a much nicer texture and a less crusty normal map, because the vanilla texture looked awful recolored in red and the vanilla normal map made my work on the new diffuse texture not even visible because it was so crusty (it still looks bad because the mesh is so blocky and low-poly, which is probably part of the reason they made the plume so dark in the first place).

The upload includes a single diffuse and normal. Both the normal and the diffuse are based on the work of Kartoffels in Oblivion Upscaled Textures (OUT), which of course is based on the work of Bethesda included in vanilla Oblivion. Diffuse is 2048x2048 (or 2k, if you want the buzzword version)--which is actually probably overkill for a helmet in Oblivion. Normal map is half the size of the diffuse, so 1024x1024, or 1k. 

Additionally, there is an optional file for users of Imperial Armors - Visual Edits by Dead47 that takes the horsebackguard texture from their mod and makes the plume red, like the main file. If you use Dead47's mod, use the optional file instead of the main file.

That's it, that's the mod. Let me know if you want something changed or if there's somehow a bug.

i was gonna give this a funky silly name and do one of those shitpost pepe title images like everyone else does but it was literally too much work to even shitpost


All credit to Kartoffels for her work upscaling Oblivion's textures, and Bethesda for the original textures and the lovely game Oblivion, and Google Images for the source plumage (🤐đŸ¤Ģi'll never tell tee-hee! 👉😄 ok cringe over), and Dead47 for their work on Imperial Armors - Visual Edits, which the optional file is built for.