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Improves the sigil stones by removing the useless and least relevant effects and adding more useful ones, sometimes increased the magnitude of some by the way.

Uses the script of sigil stone selector with new names matching the new effects.

Permissions and credits
Improved sigil stones selector

Don't you find it strange and frustrating some sigil stones offer an effect you can apply on your equipment as soon as you unlock the Arcanes university with a petty soul gem?
Don't you find it even more frustrating some of them feature nothing better than a useless skill fortification?
The skill boosts are nearly all useless, you can only unlock 3 of the 84 skill perks through fortifications by the way.
Don't you find it strange and frustrating you can't enjoy some very useful effects like reflect damage and reflect spell on the sigil stones since you can't use these effects with the enchanting altars?
Don't you find it strange and frustrating the offensive effects are never coupled with a weakness which would make them much less consuming and remain twice more efficient against the enemies with a resistance?

Don't you find it strange and frustrating the number of uses you have with your enchanted weapons is so limited since the sigil stones technically up to 255 uses in a row?
Do you like the sigil stone selector mod and regret it doesn't give any improvement to the stones?

Then rejoice because this mod is for you.I tweaked the sigil stone selector mod, improved the transcendent sigil stones by removing the useless and least relevant enchantments and adding more useful ones, sometimes increased the magnitude of some by the way and adapted the script so each name matches the enchantments of the sigil stones.

Copy and paste Improved sigil stones selector.esp in the Data folder of Oblivion.
Activate preferably using a mod manager like Oblivion mod manager or Wrye Bash.

Use a program like LOOT or BOSS to sort your load order.

Conflicts and incompatibilities:
This mod is incompatible with any mod modifying the transcendent sigil stones or the random sigil stone script.
This mod is notably incompatible with the Sigil stone selector mod.


Q for the sigil stone selector mod
kaburke for allowing me to tweak SSS so you enjoy improved stones with a selector.

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