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Adds people to Vivec City exteriors. Three levels of crowds configured in the INI file. For Morroblivion v66.

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Vivec is supposed to be such a busy city, yet it is completely devoid of people, at least outdoors. This is of course a limitation of computer hardware, but computers have much improved since the year when Morrowind TES3 came out.

This mod adds tourists to Vivec City exteriors. They walk around, chat and don't do much of anything else, other than making the place feel less empty.

There are three levels of crowds configurable in the INI file - the number of people walking around. Too many NPCs will overload your system, so try and see what works for you. If a lot of them just stand there without movement, you've got too many. Level 0 is the default, tested on a low end rig (Intel i5), so should work on most systems.

Developed for Morroblivion v66, but should work also for older versions.