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The University's services are now available to the aspiring mage who does NOT want to be part of the Guild.... or a thief looking to plunder the University's values, or your basic Murderhobo.

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The Arcane University, as is well-known, is completely restricted from player access save for the lobby and the Arch-Mage's quarters for the sake of a couple of quests unrelated to the Mages' Guild. Otherwise, if a player desires access to the valuable tools of spellmaking and enchanting, they must haul the task of traveling to every corner of Cyrodiil to get a recommendation from each guild hall. That, or if a player say has a stance against the Mages' Guild or such a thing simply doesn't interest them, they must install a DLC which I believe has its own gauntlet of questing attached to being able to enchant items and craft spells. 

This was all a given, of course. It makes sense that these things would be placed behind some sort of bar to prevent the player from achieving these means too early. But, what struck me as odd and rather frustrating is that the Arcane University is one of the most locked-up places in the game before you acquire the prerequisite conditions. Not only are there two barred gates that are magically locked, the two doors in the lobby that lead out to the grounds are also locked with a key that isn't obtainable. Additionally, the seven buildings of the campus are also locked similarly. What really struck me as simply spiteful was the fact that the seven locked doors in question aren't even openable with console. No matter how many times I clicked on the door and commanded an unlock, the door simply would not budge. 

To my awareness, this is the only area in the game which has this feature - a console-resistant hardlock. 

So, out of simple spite, I delved into the CS and manually made the Arcane University more accessible for the non-Guild plebian. I did before check any other mods on this site that did the same thing, but the two that did both had their own conditions to meet in order to break into the University. This, of course, is not what I wanted at all. I wanted to be able to simply walk into the University at will and do as I needed without joining the Guild. 

So now I have made the true and definitive, no strings attached, Arcane University accessibility mod. 

The three doors in the Arch-Mages' lobby are now opened with the Arch-Mages' Key, as they should be. Yes, this even includes the Orrery for the same reasons the other two doors could be opened. Simply break into the Arch-Mages' quarters and claim the key for oneself. And from there, the player is free to access any of the University facilities at leisure.... or take what they will for the Black Market. Of course, the University residents may not appreciate the new presence. 

This is also my first mod, so I do apologize if anything is a bit dirty, but the mod is simple in nature so there should be nothing amiss.