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This mod adds 2 types of silver weapons: Silvered Mithril and a new assortment of regular silver weapons.

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Silvered Mithril weaponry and new Silver weapons
By Mercer Meka and ChampionKnifeFighter.

This mod adds 2 types of silver weapons: Silvered Mithril and a new assortment of regular silver weapons.

ChampionKnifeFighter recently uploaded his beautiful creations Mercer Silver Weapons Pack (Resource Pack) which I had requested. ´╗┐ChampionKnifeFighter
graciously granted me my request otherwise this mod would not had been made. Please go and Endorse his mod. Thanks again ChampionKnifeFighter.
Feel free to use the files from this mod in yours.

Silvered Mithril:
These rare weapons are made from Mithril covered with Silver.

The Silvered Mithril weapon' stats are somewhere between Glass and Ebony. They are lighter yet stronger than regular Silver weapons.
They have been added to NPC levelled lists and they can be bought from the weapons smiths in Chorrol, Skingrad and Cheydinhal from level 15.
The smiths only have very few available (between 1 and 3 weapons) so you might have to visit several times to get what you are looking for - or
simply find them while out adventuring.

The idea behind this mod:
Not too long ago my Orc warrior was deep in a dungeon fighting off scores of vampires. Since I'm using Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul the vampires was almost unbeatable unless I used a Silver weapon - which I did. However since I was level 34 the Silver weapon I used was not quite adequate since the damage and durability was a bit on the low side.
What I really needed was a selection of new stronger Silver weapons for high level play against vampires and other horrific creatures of the dark, hence I created this mod.

Additional regular Silver weapons:
Since the Silvered Mithril weapons are fairly rare it would be a shame to not use these resources by ChampionKnifeFighter more effectively so I have also added a selection of these weapons as regular Silver weapons. They are distributed through NPC levelled lists. The new regular silver weapons share the same model as the Silvered Mithril weapons but have regular Silver weapon stats and appear from level 5.

Total selection of weapons:

1 Shortsword
1 longsword
1 Claymore
1 War Axe
2 Maces
3 Warhammers

Version 1.1 added: 1 warhammer and 1 battlestaff.
Version 1.2 made the War Axe, the Divine Mace and the Battle Mace slightly larger. Changed the grib slightly on the Battle Staff.

All the weapons are automatically recognized by Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul as Silver weapons due to the folder structure so they will correctly damage vampires (and reduce their health regeneration).

Resources used from Mercer Silver Weapons Pack (Resource Pack) by ChampionKnifeFighter and Armamentarium by trollf.
Meshes edited by me.
Twohanded maces by rdjeke (the warhammer in v 1.1)
Armamentarium Complete 1-35 by Trollf (the battlestaff in v 1.1)
Feel free to use everything from this mod. Just give credit where credit is due as always.