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Scarlett main playable character created using Singular Inversions Facegen version 3.5.3

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Scarlett Version 5.0

This younger version of Scarlett comes with a 1024x1024 high resolution face texture and more modern hair styles. She  also comes with 1 million gold AND an Akavari enchanted sword.

NOTE: For best appearance USE HDR setting in Options menu.


Required Mods

Install J17's OCO and Hair Conversions:

Install Working Eyelashes and  Eyelashes for Vanilla Races if former eyelash mod does not work:

Install Moonshadow Elves hair (may not be necessary):

Install Custom race fix to enable Scarlett to leave the Imperial Prison (may not ne necessary):

Save 12543 goes into Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Saves.

Move my included Data folder into Oblivion folder:
C:\Program files (X86)\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion

so it will install files into the Data folder that is already there.
Click "yes" or "OK" when prompted.

Warning: Do not place my Data folder on top of the Data folder that is already there or you will have a Data folder installed inside the Data folder that is already there and the mod will not work.

Warning: DO NOT REMOVE AND INSTALL anything from my data folder because of your experience with installing other mods or my mod may not work.


DON'T rush into the game; First click on your Oblivion icon to start the game. You should first be met with the menu listing "Play", "Data Files", Options, etc.

Click on Data Files and activate all installed mod files by checking the ones listed for this mod. Missing this step will cause the mod not to work.

Files to be activated:
Moonshadow Elves ESP file (If installed)
J17's OCO and Hair Conversions
KT_CustomRaceFix.esp (If installed)

NOTE: For best appearance USE HDR setting in Options menu.