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Cleaned, upscaled, and increased FPS for the classic Intro Video Cutscene, available in 2160, 1440 or 1080 resolution. MP4 available for out-of-game viewing.

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I've been upscaling so many game textures that I thought I'd try something different and do some video.
The original video was 720 and 30fps, now it's 2160 (full 4K) and 60fps.

I cleaned the video of compression artifacts and upscaled by 4x using Cupscale/ESRGAN AI Software, re-interpolated to 60fps using Flowframes, and then compressed back to bink format using RAD Game Tools.

The end result is something finally deserving of the classic voiceover by the great Sir Patrick Stewart. Enjoy!

Also available in 1080 and 1440 resolution.

I primarily make mods for Skyrim.
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