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Basically, an epilogue of SI. Ever wanted to roleplay as a Daedric Prince? Play with a reusable Xedilian - or better yet - a whole new dungeon like it? Lure Undead hordes and watch the chaos? A SI home fit for your station? You can do this and more with Life of a Daedric Prince.

Permissions and credits
A mod that seeks to improve gameplay after the main quest of the Shivering Isles. It's also a lightweight & safe mod that doesn't interfere with anything else in the game. 

Main Features

1. Xeverin - New Xedilian dungeon, with new unique items and otherwise useful common drops
A new reusable dungeon where you watch adventurers endure terrible things (that you mostly choose to do to them).
To reset it, go outside and wait 1-2 hours then simply go back in.

2. Dark Resonator - Unleash Undead on Tamriel
A tool that attracts undead hordes to a location. They are not super strong specially at higher levels, but they'll keep trying to kill everything except you.

3. Mini Quest to enhance Daedric Prince experience
A miniquest to guide you through the whole thing and eventually unlock new powers below:

4. New Daedric Prince Powers
More lore-friendly powers (does not remove existing ones) with pros and cons.

5. New PoH
New house that's much more suitable for the Lord of the realm than simply staying at the duke's quarters.

6. Passwall Adventurers & Other Small Improvements:


- Adds some adventurers to Passwall that will clear out the dungeons nearby and eventually die to the gatekeeper. 
- Makes the caged Flesh Atronachs respawn so you can watch them kill each other again.
- Better adventurers show up to fight the gatekeeper during the "Defend The Realm" event.

Requirements & Incompatibilities

OBSE & Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch are NOT required BUT highly recommended

Without OBSE there will be a few item effects and cosmetic changes missing. But will work fine otherwise. USIP is just great to have overall.

In general, I always suggest stability and bugfix mods, including Oblivion Stutter Removal, 4gb ram patch, MoreHeap, Engine Bug Fixes, and of course the unofficial bugfix patches. It will reduce or eliminate crashes. This mod was tested using all these.

Compatible with OOOShivering Isles, but this mod should load after it. Changes Sheogorath's regalia, so if you are wearing it, re-wear it and save. OOOShiveringIsles has a few bugs, so I have been loading it before USIP, and then this mod after both. In an ideal world, OOOSI will be updated to incorporate bugfix changes from the USIP.

There should be no other incompatibilities, except mods that significantly alter SE quest locations or scripts like Xedilian or the SE protection script. If someone makes a mod using the original Xedilian this will still be compatible as long as you can talk to the guy.

Balance & Lore

The mod tries to both make you feel like a real Daedric Prince but also have some sort of balance in the game. So there are certain aspects that may seem OP at first, but there are major drawbacks to balance it. The reward items from Xeverin, for example, mostly have either special requirements (can't wear a helm), or some debuff to offset their power. They were designed to be fun items to give to your companions as well. Overall, it should feel like somewhere between OOO and Vanilla.
As for lore, the mod aims to be as lore-friendly as possible but also expand on the lore for content's sake. An example of that is Xeverin.

Also, besides the new unique items and consumables, Xeverin also serves as a way to get a lot of previously limited items. For example, Varla Stones, Nirnroots, and Sigil Stones are all rare drops. Some more rare than others, of course.
It's not inconceivable that an experienced adventurer might have one, right?

I also added generally useful items that you might need for popular mods. For example, gold nuggets and gems for Midas Magic. Let me know if theres any other items you'd like to see.

In-game Requirements (Not required for install)
Complete the SI main quest
50,000 Gold
10+ Black Soul Gems (empty or partly-filled by player)
Not be a vampire during parts of the quest (not required for most content)

Bugs & Issues

-Sometimes Kilidan in Xedilian might not be accessible, just wait a few hours and he should return to the starting area. Since you only ever need to talk to him once, I decided not to change his ai or move him around.

-Curing vampirism sometimes doesn't fully cure it. Check that PCVampire is 0 or run the following command in the console: set PCVampire to 0

Please report any bugs you find in the appropriate place and try to be as detailed as possible. I will try to quickly resolve them.