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Tweaks and fixes I made for the Vile Lair official DLC.

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Tweaks and fixes I made for the Vile Lair official DLC:

  • Rowley Eardwulf now sells more shady related goods, including lockpicks, leveled poisons, poisoned apples, skooma, human body parts, slightly more unenchanted weapons and a couple of rare books. He can now buy and sell ingredients and potions.
  • Rowley Eardwulf can now offer bartering and training services even while he is sitting down at a table and eating inside of the Wawnet Inn.
  • The Dark Minion now has a level 1-4 version of the Raiment of the Crimson Scar instead of leather armor. Also gave him a Shrouded Hood. He still has his clothes to sleep in.
  • The Dark Minion's victim loot chest now gives a more varied supply of leveled list items after each murder he succeeds in completing.
  • The Shrine of Sithis now gives its blessing based on your character's level, rather than on your infamy. Level 1 to 9 = weakest blessing, level 10 to 19 = second weakest blessing, level 20 to 29 = second strongest blessing, and level 30 and over for the strongest blessing.
  • Fixed a bug and exploit that allowed you to obtain an enourmous (practically infinite) amount of Purgeblood Salts in a very short amount of time.
  • Fixed a bug where a barrel was floating in the air a bit in the storage room.

This mod is fully mergeable into the bashed patch in Wrye Bash. All Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches changes have been carried forward, including within scripts.

This mod is fully compatible with the following mods when using a bashed patch:
Fully Voiced Vile Lair Overhaul (Cyrodiil Redux Project)
Vile Lair Redux - Deepscorn Awakened
All DLC delayer mods (no quests are modified by this mod).

Recommended mods to use together with this mod:
Revamp Raiment of the Crimson Scar
Vile Lair Vampirification