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Fixes the strange black sleeves on the 2 lower class Mania tunics. Now they're a more suitable color!

Permissions and credits
The name of the mod tells you everything you need to know: this is a texture fix/replacer for the female version of the 2 lower class Mania tunics! In the original vanilla SI, the sleeves are black on the underside, which always stood out to me in a jarring way. I always assumed it was an error, and maybe it was? Who knows - either way, it bothered me! so as I learned how to retexture things, I decided to finally fix these strange black textures. All I did was recolor the corresponding section of the texture such that it's no longer black - now it matches the tunics' sleeves' colors. Much better :)

INSTALLATION: This isn't even as .esp, just 2 textures! You can install this with Wrye Bash if you want, but all you really need to do is click and drag the textures to the correct folder! It'll be located in the following spot:


Allow these 2 new textures called "shirt" and "shirt_orange" to overwrite any existing shirt textures, and that's it!

COMPATIBILITY: This is a texture replacer, so it will be incompatible with other mods that retexture these same 2 shirts! I used Shivering Isles Upscaled Textures by kartoffels as the base for this.

REQUIRED/RECOMMENDED MODS: Shivering Isles, of course! And I would recommend having SIUT because I didn't change the normal maps, therefore using SIUT's normal maps would be a wise idea!


Bethesda for creating the game and the CS, and for allowing us fans to create and share mods for their wonderful games! I am not affiliated with Bethesda in any way and am making no money off of this mod. Same thing applies to this mod as applies to any other mod - that I am not responsible for your computer or your save file so install responsibly!

NifSkope and Paint.Net, both of which were the primary tools used to make these!

nexusmods user kartoffels for "Shivering Isles Upscaled Textures (SIUT)" which I used as the base textures for this fix. In accordance with kartoffels' permissions, here's the list of credits of the original authors as it appears on the SIUT nexusmods page:

xinntao; ERGAN

nagadomi; waifu2x

Honh; image enhancing utility

Alsa; Models

AdPipino; Optimizer Textures

Intel DDS Tool

Nvidia DDS Tool

Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch Team