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An extended readme file, and quest walkthroughs for the the mod ZZFX by gfowler and map locations of the 30+ locations & dungeons in it.

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gfowler created a great mod called ZZFX which adds over 30 locations, mostly dungeons + quests and a new guild. I felt it was underrated on Nexus, possibly because his download readme doesn't offer enough information such as... how and where to start the quests.

Also, he included a map image that showed only a few of the locations in the mod. 

So, I wrote up a readme with more information and then added two walkthrough (one non-spoiler and one with spoilers). The readme also describes the locations and dungeons that are not currently involved in a quest (because he stopped developing the quest line before getting to them.) I'm also including images that show the map locations of all the dungeons etc.

Even if you don't want to play the quests, gfowler's mod adds almost 30 dungeons to explore.

All credit for the mod goes to the creator, gfowler. All permissions for the mod remain as per his mod posting page.

The download file here contains the readme and all the images shown here.