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Using COBL, adds several food items to ChestVendorPublicanFood01 with a custom leveled list.

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This started as a way for my character to buy several items I'd found in COBL, and had not found implemented in game.

This edits the ChestVendorPublicanFood01 chest, which every inn and tavern uses a copy, so the new food items should be implemented in those places, and any mod that adds copies of the chest for use, if loaded after the mod in question.

I'm turning over a new leaf IRL, becoming a vegan because I decided I love living things too much to want to eat them. This is where I say Vegetable Bread.

It's in COBL, don't know of a mod that gives it to acquire.

I decided to add cheeses and eggs and several breads and a couple desserts.

Realized I'm a Grand Champion in the Arena with literal Billions of Septims in the bank, and I could add several dishes like boar and crab for those who still indulge in meats, to be fair to them. Added Kwama eggs because I'm a rich prick who owns a major share of the East Empire Company. 

Added one new item that uses the COBL pathing to COBL original mesh and texture, but it's a new item of my own creation. Aged beef.
Why you may ask? Several reasons. one, advancements in Frost Magicks allow beef to be kept at low temperatures for long times. Two, IRL there are rich people who pay hundreds of dollars for three month fermented beef. This compliments my Dunmer Drinks mod, which adds Vintage Brandy in the same way.

500 for brandy, 200 for the steak, you're rich. 

Forgive the digressions, anyway, simple original leveled list added to the chest, should be compatible with most anything.